Femicide in Córdoba: a 21-year-old girl was murdered and her ex-boyfriend was arrested

The young woman was 21 years old (Facebook)

A 21-year-old girl was murdered in the southern area of ​​the city of Río Cuarto, province of Córdoba, and her ex-partner, the main suspect and whom the neighbors saw enter the victim’s home hours before the discovery, is in custody for the crime. of the body.

The fact was discovered by Daniela Rechimon, mother of the victim, identified as Oriana Gianinni, around noon last Saturday, when he returned from work and entered the house located on Calle Hermanos Velazco at 1670, in the humble neighborhood of Trulalá.

Noticing that her daughter did not answer the messages and calls on her phone, the woman, a taxi driver by profession, returned home and began to check the different rooms of the property, until she found a brutal scene in the bathroom: the girl lying on the ground, bloodied and with a stab wound to her neck.

According to what the local newspaper published The voice, a neighbor of the family, named Braian, said that earlier he had heard the young woman’s ex-boyfriend arrive on a motorcycle, but explained that he did not notice anything strange and that he went to sleep until he woke up to Rechimon’s screams for the body discovery.

This same person assured that other inhabitants of the area also saw how the suspect, Nicholas Zabala, 24, fled the scene at full speed, presumably after having committed the murder. As it transpired, based on these testimonies, the Police began to search for him intensely and shortly after he was captured by members of the Río Cuarto Department.

The Police managed to arrest the main suspect in the crime (Twitter: @PoliciaCbaOf)
The Police managed to arrest the main suspect in the crime (Twitter: @PoliciaCbaOf)

The first versions indicated that Gianinni’s body showed clear signs of violence and cuts around the neck that would have been made with a shovel. Due to the fact, a case was initiated that remained in the hands of the Prosecutor of Instruction Daniel Miralles, who is carrying out the investigation and has already taken statements from the young woman’s relatives and neighbors.

In a dialogue with a city radio, the victim’s father, Guillermo, pointed out that “it shows” that the aggressor “had been harassing her”, because the police “returned time in the cameras” of security in the area and detected “hanging around the house” before the attack.

“The truth is that it is something that is not understood, I do not know why this happened, the cruelty that this boy had with my daughter, does not enter my head”, he lamented.

In addition, the man revealed that his daughter was dating this boy “two and a half or three years”, but that “She got into a fight about a year ago because she had a sequence in which she wanted to hit her.”

He also gave details of the suspect’s detention: “They found him in (the town of) Banda Norte, at a friend’s house. In his statement, the friend says that he arrived with a shirt full of blood and that he asked him for a shirt, and that when he was changing the police came looking for him.

For its part, the Ni Una Menos Rio Cuarto collective called for a mobilization for this Monday, starting at 7:30 p.m., which will depart from Plaza Olmos, near the Municipality, to the city courts, to demand justice for the murdered young woman. .


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