Egan Bernal improves: there are no symptoms of infection and his chest was no longer drained

Stock photo. Colombian cyclist from the Ineos Grenadiers team Egan Bernal celebrates his title in the race at the end of the time trial in Milan, Italy, May 30, 2021. REUTERS/Jennifer Lorenzini

Egan Bernal, who has been hospitalized since January 24 after an accident while training in Gachancipá, continues to respond favorably to the medical treatment provided by the La Sabana University Clinic, where from the very day of his crash against a municipal bus he had to undergo to surgical interventions.

This Sunday, the health institution released the tenth statement since the young wonder from Zipaquira entered and showed that his evolution is satisfactory:

“Today the procedure was carried out to remove the drains from the thoracostomy that was performed, which allows satisfactory progress in the treatment of closed chest trauma. A very positive aspect in his medical progress is that he has shown no signs of infection”.

La Sabana, which also attended the cyclist last week Brandon Rivera after a fall on the roads of Cundinamarca, he added that they remain focused on “control and pain management” of Egan, who “continues nutritional support for your diet”.

The last two surgeries performed on Bernal date back to January 28. The first was an osteosynthesis of a fracture of the second metacarpal of the right hand. The second was maxillo-facial to manage some dento-alveolar fractures that he presents in his mouth.

Prior to this, his right leg underwent surgery and after being stabilized he entered a second surgery, where the fracture of the vertebrae, the most delicate, was stabilized, the result of which was as expected. It should be remembered that a week ago, at the medical center Egan he was admitted with fractured vertebrae, fractured right femur, fractured right patella, chest trauma, a punctured lung, and several fractured ribs.

A balm for Colombians, as well as cycling lovers and colleagues of Egan who since the accident expressed their support and were aware of his state of health was the publication of a photo and a message on his Twitter account, last Friday. .

“After having a 95% chance of becoming a paraplegic and almost losing my life doing what I like to do the most, today I want to thank God, La Sabana, and all its specialists for doing the impossible. To my family, to Mafe Motas and to all of you for your wishes”, expressed the champion of the Tour de France-2019 and Giro d’Italia-2021.

Ineos Grenadiers shared the recovery process of cyclist Egan Bernal at the Sabana Clinic / (Twitter: @INEOSGrenadiers)
Ineos Grenadiers shared the recovery process of cyclist Egan Bernal at the Sabana Clinic / (Twitter: @INEOSGrenadiers)

Although the time he will be off the roads has not been estimated, as well as if he will be able to continue racing at a professional level, he encourages Egan’s recovery although he was close to passing away, as he himself stated.

Santiago Botero, one of the most renowned cyclists in Colombia, now a commentator in the broadcast of the grand tours on television, released details of what happened in Blue Radio, based on the testimonies of some close to the winner of the 2019 Tour de France and the 2021 Giro d’Italia.

“I was talking to people close to me and the issue is that he was distracted, so much so that the bus overtook him and the passengers managed to get off. Two cyclists were ahead, he wasn’t even alone. He cannot see and crashes at 40 or 45 kilometers per hour. The worst thing a cyclist can have is a hit against a static object,” he said.

The distraction, apparently, was a product of the position in which he pedaled, with his head down, since he was training in the time trial modality, the same in which his greatest rivals in cycling, such as Tadej Pogacar and Primoz Roglic, surpass him. Also to the effort that the training of an elite cyclist demands.


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