De La Calle will file a query with the CNE for possible double militancy

Bogota. November 28, 2021. Humberto de la Calle. (Colprensa – Mariano Vimos)

The current head of the party list Green Alliance and the coalition Hope Center, the former negotiator of the peace process with the extinct FARC, Humberto of Lombana Street, will seek that the National Electoral Council defines if it is incurring in a double militancy.

de La Calle’s concern was born after Ingrid Betancur announced his abandonment of the coalition to undertake an electoral race on behalf of his party Oxygen Green after an ultimatum regarding the political support of “unholy” sectors for said alliance.

“We are forced to step aside from the Centro Esperanza coalition, I will be an independent candidate for the Presidency”, indicated the current candidate in a video released the previous Saturday through her social networks.

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Of the street, who leads the coalition made up of five parties from alternative sectors seeking seats in the March 2022 legislative elections, warned of a possible legal risk in the new scenario that Betancourt caused with his departure from said political platform.

The former negotiator, who before the resignation of the candidate, indicated that could not support a candidate outside said alliance despite the fact that Verde Oxígeno gave the endorsement for de La Calle to enter, precisely, in Centro Esperanza.

A message in response to Betancourt’s statements anticipated this scenario: “As the endorsement of my candidacy, you generously gave it to me, The fact that you are a candidate from the outside legally forces me to break my promise to support whoever wins within the @CoaliEsperanza, and to abandon my 2-year effort for the union of the center”.

With another video, published on the night of January 30, de La Calle insisted on the contradictions that a possible double militancy on his part would represent for the coalition.

“I will consult about the possible”double militancy” in which I would incur if, keeping my word, I lead the campaign for the Senate of 5 parties, I support in a transparent and determined way all the pre-candidates and whoever is elected by the citizens on March 13”, he wrote and added that “For me party while you get this necessary legal clarity, I will stand firm with my campaign and, like the majority of Colombians, pending the registration of the pre-candidates of the Coalition for the consultation, the first step to hope”, he concluded The street.

Íngrid Betancourt wrote a letter once again inviting Humberto de la Calle to run for the Congress of the Republic.  - Photos: Colprensa.
Íngrid Betancourt wrote a letter once again inviting Humberto de la Calle to run for the Congress of the Republic. – Photos: Colprensa.

However, Betancourt told SEMANA that he will try to get de La Calle to maintain his leadership in said coalition: “The issue of Humberto is very important, because I want him to be secure and calm in a situation that gives him the full scope to carry out that leadership, which is extremely important”, affirmed the candidate.

Betancourt outlined a scenario in which his party could release the candidates who joined said coalition, in order to gather support and not truncate the electoral race in the following weeks.

“In Humberto’s case we are looking at the legal implications. I think that, in some way, as the Alianza Verde party has done, it is possible to issue a resolution by Verde Oxígeno releasing the candidates who have registered with the endorsement of the party, both for the Senate and for the Chamber”, Betancourt said in statements to SEMANA.


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