Women in Command: Karen Schwarz, Jazmín Pinedo, Magdyel Ugaz and more hosts that the Latina program had

All the conductors of Mujeres al Mando since its premiere. (Photo: Instagram)

Mujeres al Mando will come to an end on February 25. This was announced by the current conductors Thaís Casalino and Giovanna Valcárcel. As you remember, Maricarmen Marín is on leave after giving birth. With a broken voice, the journalist Thaís Casalino made the already shouted announcement, the space would only be on the air until February 25.

“The program has had three wonderful years, mine have been two years of learning, fulfilling dreams, meeting goals. The most valuable thing is having met hundreds of families through the screen (…) We have always been at the foot of the canyon and we are sure that along the way we will meet again in a new adventure, so thank you very much”said the driver.

For her part, Giovanna Valcárcel thanked the production for giving her the opportunity to be a host and announced that the program will continue until February 25. “We have a commitment until the end of February, we are going to accompany him with the same professionalism, with a big smile and thanking God and the universe for giving us this opportunity”, Held.

As is known, Mujeres al Mando was released three years ago, and has gone through several changes as far as driving is concerned. The space began in March 2019 with Karen Schwarz, Jazmín Pinedo and Magdyel Ugaz, hosts who today have followed another path.

Here’s a review of the drivers who went through Mujeres al Mando.


The host began the program with Jazmín Pinedo and Magdyel Ugaz, who promised a fresh and dynamic proposal in the morning schedule. However, the beauty queen retired from driving in 2020 because she was in the last stage of her second pregnancy.

In 2021, she returned to replace Maricarmen Marín for a few days, who was leaving the Latina segment to avoid complications in her pregnancy. At this time, the singer was 24 weeks pregnant. After the deadline, Marín returned to the program.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

jasmine pinedo

Jazmín Pinedo started the program with Karen Schwarz and Magdyel Ugaz. The departure of the young woman was quite controversial, since it was unexpected according to Latina, even suing her for almost half a million soles for breach of contract.

It should be noted that the popular chinita withdrew from Mujeres al Mando after accepting the leadership of Esto es Guerra.

For her part, the model rejected this accusation, and stressed that when she decided to withdraw from Latina, her contract had already ended.

“What a pity. I’m surprised, but that will have to be handled in the legal realm. My contract already ended a week ago.he said at the time.

Jazmín Pinedo decided to open her heart and tell the hard time she had to go through after losing two pregnancies.  (Photo: Instagram)
Jazmín Pinedo decided to open her heart and tell the hard time she had to go through after losing two pregnancies. (Photo: Instagram)

Magdyel Ugaz

Magdyel Ugaz started the team together with Karen Schwarz and Jazmín Pinedo. However, she was one of the first to drop out to take advantage of an opportunity that would enrich her acting career.

In the midst of tears, the young woman said goodbye to her companions at the end of June 2019. In this way, the actress would confirm the rumor that was already being woven due to the constant faults that Magdyel Ugaz had in the program.


After the departure of Magdyel Ugaz, the salsa singer Mirella Paz was received amid drums and cymbals as the new host of Mujeres al Mando, along with Karen Schwarz and Jazmín Pinedo at that time, July 2019.

Four months later, November 2019, Mirella decided to say goodbye to focus on her music career. In the midst of tears, he thanked the production and his companions. At that time Jazmín Pinedo, Karen Schwarz and Cathy Sáenz were driving.

“I will miss you very much, thanks to the entire production team. Being a driver is not easy for me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, I never ever thought that God was going to give me this opportunity. I want to give myself a space for music, which is what I like. I’m going to miss them so much.” Mirella Paz said through tears.


In September 2019, the former producer of Esto es Guerra, Cathy Sáenz, joined Mujeres al Mando. The space was led at that time by Jazmín Pinedo, Karen Schwarz, Mirella Paz and now Cathy Sáenz.

However, apparently the cheerleader did not finish curdling in the program, as she was constantly criticized on social networks. This added to some embarrassing impasses that they starred in when they touched on the subject of the pandemic. People were quite sensitive and did not hesitate to monitor any failure to provide any information in this regard.

The driver no longer appeared in the space, until her departure was finally confirmed in March 2020.


The journalist entered the leadership of Mujeres al Mando in March 2020 to the present. His presence gave the program a lot of stability, and the criticisms decreased markedly when they covered the subject of the pandemic.


The actress and comedian Giovanna Valcárcel joined the leadership the same month as Thaís Casalino, in March 2020. The young woman was in charge of putting the quota of humor in the space. However, it generated great controversy when he asked a specialist on coronavirus issues if a lemon candy was a substitute for a lemon.

This question perplexed the specialist, but she ended up advising that they better consume the fruit and not the candy. Given this, Karen Schwarz spoke out and pointed out that this concern was from a mother who wrote to the program, and she only complied with transmitting the question.

Valcárcel continues to lead the Latina program to this day.


Maricarmen Marín was one of the last members to join Mujeres al Mando, in April 2020.

The young woman was presented as a driver after the departure of Cathy Sáenz. It should be noted that Karen Schwarz withdrew from the program as she was in the last stage of her second pregnancy. On previous occasions he had to leave due to some inconvenience, but in March 2020 he decided to leave completely. Until this 2021, which only appeared a few days to replace Maricarmen Marín, as she was about to give birth.

Maricarmen won the affection of the public, and finally Thaís Casalino, Giovanna Valcárcel and her remained as main conductors, until today. However, the singer is on leave after giving birth in December.

Meanwhile, Thaís and Giovanna had different female figures from the show business as guest hosts.

MELISSA PAREDES (guest host)

Melissa Paredes is also on this list for having been one of the most controversial guest hosts. The cheerleader was on the show for two weeks, starting on January 11, where she gave details of her relationship with Anthony Aranda.

He even gave an exclusive interview that was broadcast on January 10, where he confirmed his relationship with the dancer. However, the young woman did not appear in the third week. On Monday, January 24, the cheerleaders began the program without her, and on the 25th, Giovanna and Thaís confirmed the end of Mujeres al Mando.


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