What is the price of fish after the oil spill in Ventanilla?

More than 10 days have passed since the incident occurred. oil spill caused by the company Repsol in Window. Given this, the fish price has registered a noticeable reduction due to the low demand that this product has had for fear of being contaminated.

RPP images show that in the case of the market the forest in San Juan de Lurigancho (SLJ), the merchants assure that they recognized that many of their clients have stopped buying fish for fear that it is contaminated.

“People are afraid: they think the fish is contaminated. But this (fish) comes from the south, from the bottom. We explain (to clients), but the fear is still there”commented a seller.

It was shown that The kilo of bonito and horse mackerel is only four soles, while the smooth one is only S/ 6.00. One of the fish that has dropped the most in price is the perico, which is sold at 15 soles per kilo (a few weeks ago it was sold for up to 40 soles).


How is this leak known? It has been detrimental to fishermen and they say they lose around 500,000 soles a day due to lack of sales.

Despite the fact that a few days ago, the head of Produce mentions that deep-sea fish are not contaminated, so he invited the population to continue consuming it.

“The deep-sea fish are not contaminated, we must continue consuming it, the contaminated ones are those that are in that area attached to the oil spill and the contaminated fish is not being extracted”, commented.

The head of Produce also mentioned that The Government is developing measures, but does not yet have an exact timetable to mitigate the impact of the losses in the sector, but that a registration is being carried out to freeze debts.

“We are in the process of registering to be able to freeze debts with the sector until the oil runs out. In addition, the delivery of food is being managed “, he added.

“We are also approaching donations and we are working with the different businessmen to bring food to those most affected”, He said.

On the other hand, the fishermen still They are waiting for a specific response from Repsol and the Government in response to their demands.

“You could say that so far we have not been able to receive anything, it is a week that we have stopped our work and we work from day to day, we lose 500 thousand soles a day”commented one of the fishermen.

Others complained that the money they earn fishing cannot be compensated with the money the government is giving them.

“I think it’s not fair that they want to give us a voucher of 500 soles for 15 days to each of the people because with a voucher you cannot pay an electricity or water bill,” he complains.

In addition, the spill impacts tourism and the gastronomic sector in Ancón. “50 restaurants in the entire district of Ancón, more than anything the tourist part loses 60 thousand soles a day because it has been said that the fish in this district is contaminated and it is not true.


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