University vs. Aucas: analysis of the first match of the cream cast of 2022

University vs. Aucas: analysis of the first game of the cream cast of 2022 | Photo: Press U

This saturday, University of Sports fell 2-3 to Aucas from Ecuador in the Cream Night held at the Monumental Stadium and, far from expected, the host team could not keep the victory after the presentation of its official 2022 squad.

In a promising start because of the way academic He put himself ahead 2-0 very quickly against Aucas, it seemed that he would give his fans a joy, however, as the minutes passed, the Ecuadorian team gradually organized themselves on the field of play, bringing a headache to the merengue team.

It all started at the start of the match when the ‘creams’ were able to open the scoring in the 5th minute of the match after a free kick taken by Luis Urruti, who crossed the ball and Ángel Cayetano appeared opportunely to head in and score the first goal.

Three minutes later, around minute 8, there was a penalty in favor of Universitario for a foul inside the box against Alexander Succar. It was the same forward who defined from the twelve steps and was able to put the score 2-0 in favor of the ‘creams’.

With this it looked like a party in sports college, however, unbelievably, what seemed like a party turned into a horror movie. First, a penalty was charged in favor of Aucas in the 12th minute of the match. The person in charge of executing it was Víctor Figueroa, who shortened the distance. It would be Figueroa himself who would later tie the 2-2 after an action, where the U defended very poorly and nobody came out to defend in the 22nd minute after ‘puncturing’ the ball and hanging Diego Romero.

In the second half, when everything seemed to be a tie, Nico Silva appeared to surprise Universitario’s defense and score the winning goal in the 86th minute. With this goal, the Ecuadorian team was able to win 3-2 against the ‘creams ‘ at the Monumental Stadium.

Things to improve in University

Professor Edgardo Adinolfi, coach of Universitario de Deportes, will have to work hard on the issue of marks, since the midfield of the U did not score and did not create any danger. The changes could perhaps have been made earlier to give the ‘cream’ cast more football. Despite this, according to the statistics, the merengue team had more time in possession of the ball.

Another thing that gives the impression that it should be improved is the ability to do damage on the wings and not lose the ball in the middle, since that creates a danger if you find them badly stopped in the defensive zone.


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