Universitario vs. Aucas: Hernán Novick and Víctor Figueroa started a brutal fight in the ‘Cream Night’ 2022

Hernán Novick will play his second season at Universitario de Deportes.

The ‘Cream Night’ 2022 lived a tense moment a few minutes before the end in the Monumental stadium. Hernán Novick and Víctor Figueroa were in charge of initiating a pitched fight between the soccer players of University of Sports and Aucas from Ecuador. Along the way, several punches were seen and it all ended with two expelled.

It all started 26 minutes into the second half of the match. The ‘merengue’ footballer received the ball in the middle of the field and decided to take care of it and cover it against the captain of the rival team. The Ecuadorian did not like it and pulled it where he could. The Uruguayan couldn’t stand the foul and was filled with anger, grabbing his opponent by the neck and throwing him to the ground.

Instantly teammates of the soccer players approached with all the intentions of hitting. Several punches and pushes were seen, to the point that Ángel Cayetano, scorer of the first goal, ended up with blood on his face, as can be seen, due to a brawl against Ricardo Adé. The referee decided to expel the two when the discussions were over.

The game continues partially 2-2 and several minutes will be added for the time lost during the brawl between the players. Let us remember that Universitario de Deportes comes from falling 4-0 against Inter Miami of the MLS in the United States.

Hernán Novick entered the second half to contribute in offense, but was taken out of the game due to a tough fight with the captain of the Ecuadorian team.


Universitario de Deportes was up 2-0 before 10 minutes into the match at the Monumental stadium. The person in charge of scoring it was Alexander Succar, who was fouled seconds before. The striker did not hesitate and had the conviction to take the ball before the ‘merengue’ fans, who are living the ‘Cream Night’ 2022 with a duel against Aucas from Ecuador.

The action happened after approximately eight minutes. A ball reached the area of ​​the Ecuadorian team and the striker received with his back to the goal. However, in the attempt to control the rival defender, he was grabbing his right arm to the point of making him fall backwards. The referee did not hesitate and instantly charged a penalty, before the claims of several footballers of the club that today wears black.

Alexander Succar put the second from the penalty spot in the ‘Cream Night’ 2022.


Universitario de Deportes will present its official squad this Saturday, January 29 at the Monumental stadium before its fans, who will occupy 30% of the colossus in Ate. To close the great event of the ‘Cream Night’ 2022, the ‘creams’ will face Aucas from Ecuador, a rival that arrives with its professional squad and takes the match as part of its preseason.

University of Sports comes from being beaten 4-0 by Inter Miami of the MLS and they have had losses like José Carvallo, Aldo Corzo, Alex Valera and Alberto Quintero. For the ‘Cream Night’ there won’t be the three first mentioned, since they are summoned for the matches of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

Since 2015 during the ‘Cream Night’, Universitario de Deportes only managed a 1-0 victory against Universidad Concepción de Chile in 2019. Then, it drags three draws against Universidad Católica de Chile, Colo Colo and DIM from Colombia and three defeats against Deportivo Cali and Cerro Largo from Uruguay in 2020 just a couple of months before the coronavirus pandemic arrived.

Alberto ‘Chiquitin’ Quintero He will not be present at Universitario de Deportes because he is with the Panama team playing the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers in Concafaf.


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