The emotional message from Epa Colombia to his girlfriend, Diana Celis, the relationship is going from strength to strength

Photo taken from Instagram @Epa_Colombia

Since last January 17, a rumor has been generated on social networks due to the statements of Daneidy Barrera Rojas better known as Epa Colombia, in which he claimed that Diana Celis, his girlfriend, had asked him to take a break. However, the member of the Independiente Santa Fe women’s team denied the businesswoman, pointing out that it was she who had requested a break in their courtship.

On the other hand, he again headed the heart’s headlines when he shared a message through his ‘InstaStories’ and replicated by the entertainment portals where he dedicated some heartfelt words to someone who would be stealing a few sighs from him.

“Friend, you can imagine what my heart feels. I haven’t felt something so inexplicable in a long time. I could not describe what I feel, but I can tell you that someone always comes into your life to make you happy”, expressed Epa Colombia.

However, a new chapter has been formed in the midst of this love network and it is that, as many thought, the relationship between Epa Colombia and Diana Celis is going through one of its best moments and the businesswoman made it known with a message in the most Recent publication by Diana Celis on her Instagram account where the soccer player is seen signing once again with Independiente Santa Fe.

Taken from Instagram @diana.celis5
Taken from Instagram @diana.celis5

“I really feel proud of you ❤️ I want to see you succeed🏆 you know why? Because you supported me so much to be such a successful businesswoman that you deserve the best of me I will never leave you alone since these 6 years I continue to show you that nothing and no one is going to change this that I feel for you I love you “, Daneidy Barrera commented on her girlfriend’s post.

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The businesswoman’s comment has generated all kinds of reactions in Celis’s publication, as the couple’s followers have expressed their liking for the words of Epa Colombia with more than 3,500 ‘likes’ and expressing the emotion they feel with more than 125 comments of those who stand out.

“God strengthen that love you have, a strong hug, blessings”, “That’s right friend, that your heart is not allowed to be damaged by anything or anyone”, “They make a good couple, talk and resolve their issues. The two make a good team.”, “There are the tongues of all those who distill poisons, they are a herd of gossips”, “Don’t let money and fame take away the valuable person you have by your side”, “What a beautiful love, I hope they can with everything together”, among others.

On January 25, the best friend of Daneidy Barrera and Diana Celis would also have confirmed that the relationship was very good despite comments indicating that it would be a strategy from a Bogotana to launch a contest on social networks or to release their new keratin for men

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The young man interacted with his followers and answered some questions, among which came the following question: “How is Epa’s relationship with Diana Celis going?”.

To which he responded by sharing an image of the three during a dinner where the couple is seen and very happy, dispelling the rumors of a breakup and with the phrase: “They love so much each other”.


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