Peru’s Got Talent: An 11-year-old boy who plays the timpani is excited to be surprised by Tony Succar

Little Luis Ángel Paredes was surprised by Tony Succar. (Photo: Latin)

This January 30 premiered Peru has talent, with driving Mathias Brivio and a luxury jury made up of Mimy Succar, gianelle neyra, Renzo Schuller Y Ricardo Moran.

It was precisely at this gala that Luis Ángel Paredes, an 11-year-old boy, made his presentation, excited to Mimy Succar after seeing him with some kettledrums. LThe singer indicated that it reminded him of the beginnings of his son Tony Succar, who today is an international artist who is nominated for a Grammy.

The charisma of the little boy, who arrived from Huánuco, quickly knew how to steal the hearts of the qualifying members, who wished him the best for his presentation. However, before he started his show, Ricardo Morán asked him to turn around and look at the screen. that’s where it appears Tony Succar via a live link from Miami.

The boy could not with the emotion and fell to the ground, indicating that his dream was fulfilled. “I am very excited that you are in Peru, he has talent, I know you are going to break it. I am honored that you are a timbalero and that you are such a young musician, so I congratulate you”, said Tony Succar from Miami.

“I will be listening to you. You put your soul, you know that music is a blessing from God, feel the music, you are already seen with a lot of flavor and a lot of charisma. Have fun, the stage is yours”, narrowed down

This is how little Luis Ángel Paredes started his show, surprising the jury from the beginning. The qualifying members stood up and welcomed him for the next round.

“We are speechless. Really, what a talent, my God! Tony, honestly, excuse me, but this kid beat you.”Mimy Succar said very happy and between laughs.

For his part, Tony did not hesitate to congratulate him and indicate that his show was spectacular. “I’m going to tell you what, I’m listening here, and it sounded spectacular. The way you hit the kettledrum is elegant, you’re not throwing sticks from any side, you have dynamics, you have swing. You are the future of our music”, he pointed.


The fourth season of Peru has talent surprised more than one with his new tails, with driving Mathias Brivio and a brand new jury made up of Mimy Succar, Gianelle Neyra, Renzo Schuller and Ricardo Morán.

gianella neyra

Actress and television host who will be in charge of giving the best advice to the contestants of the program. She was part of Yo Soy Kids, so experience is the last thing she lacks.

Ricardo Moran

After spending several years away from television to dedicate himself to raising his children, the popular television producer will return to the small screen as part of the jury of this show, promising to be just as tough when he was in Yo Soy.

Mimy Succar

Tony Succar’s mother makes her debut on television to contribute her experience to the contestants, as many of them will appear on a TV show for the first time.

Renzo Schuller

The former host of América Hoy and Combate returns to television after being away for a while. His presence in the talent reality show surprised more than one, as many thought he would be the replacement for Gian Piero Díaz in This is War.


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