Pedro Castillo: “We are the Government not of problems, but of solutions”

File photo of the president of Peru, Pedro Castillo. EFE / Paolo Aguilar

The last Saturday the president peter castle He traveled to the city of Barranca to be part of a ceremony as part of his work schedule. The head of state continues to visit the affected areas after the oil spill of more than 10 thousand barrels by the Repsol company.

During his speech, the president asked the population to always be vigilant of their authorities and not to give them respite from the lack of commitment to the people, since he assured, his Government is here to serve those most in need.

“We are the government not of protests, not of problems, but of solutions and that is why we are here”, Castillo Terrones said, from the small north where he met with authorities from Barranca.

Prior to this visit, the head of state urged citizens to be vigilant with their local authorities on the issue of the use they give to the budgets designated for infrastructure works.

After this speech, Castillo Terrones recalled that the central government allocates to the provincial and district mayors, as well as to the regional governors, a significant economic budget for the execution of various works, which must be fully invested in favor of the citizenry and not from them.

“Many times budgets are given or agreements are established and people do not know, they only see on paper that such a work costs so much and sometimes we do not know if it was spent or not”, he rebuked.


As it is recalled, last Friday, January 29, it was learned that Avelino Guillén resigned from the portfolio of ministers in the Interior sector. After hearing this news, the renowned judge gave some statements about President Pedro Castillo.

The former Minister of the Interior revealed for the Epicentro TV portal that there is a “permanent war” between the advisers of President Pedro Castillo, to the point that it has led to the formation of “cliques” and “shadow cabinets.”

Avelino Guillén to Pedro Castillo:
Avelino Guillén to Pedro Castillo: “Peru cannot be managed as a union”

“According to what I see, (advisors) do not contribute. It is a permanent war between them. I see them by sight, I don’t know them. They talk about various trends, sectors and between them they are in a permanent skirmish. It is a trade union war in the Palace and now it is expressing itself with the complaint against Mr. (Carlos) Jaico (secretary of the Presidential Office). It can’t go on like this, it has to end.”, he expressed.

“When I refer to union management, it is constantly fueling internal disputes, the formation of cliques, of groups at all levels and that prevents better work, better development, because if we are forming little groups that we are permanently complying with, forming cabinets in the shadow, fueling that, not giving stability or support to your ministers, with what motivation are you going to work? he added.

According to what Avelino Guillén referred to when talking with the president about these internal problems in the Palace, he advised him to change his team of advisers, “that knows how to listen and choose well”.

“Peru cannot be managed as a union, it must forget about that, we are no longer in an electoral campaign. We have huge challenges to take on”, stressed the former head of the Mininter.

“The Government needs to define a course, what do you want to do. You ask the president that and wait for an answer, I also wait for an answer, what are we looking for?, sentenced.


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