I am, Great Battles LIVE: minute by minute of the grand finale of the imitation reality show

Yo Soy Grande Batallas will define its champion this January 29. (Photo: Instagram)


20:30 Yuri’s imitator appears on stage and performs the song ‘Who are you’.

I Am, Great Battles: Yuri impersonator interprets ‘Who are you’

20:25 Yuri impersonator and her words before her performance in the final: “The reasons for being here is that for years I owe myself to an audience, which allows us to be current, as long as we still have an exhibition (…) My children want to see me here, I want to tell them that I love them very much and that I am not going to get tired of everything that can be in my hands so that they can be happy“, He said

20:11 The first to come out is Yuri, she chose to face Ricardo Montaner’s imitator in battle.

20:10 The drivers explain what the dynamics of the grand finale will be like. In an amphora are the names of the finalists, the first to leave, will have to choose who they want to face. It should be noted that the winner goes directly to the semifinal.

Conductor of Yo Soy explains what the final will be like.  (Photo: Tv Capture)
Conductor of Yo Soy explains what the final will be like. (Photo: Tv Capture)

20:07 Finish the presentation of the imitators. The jury dresses up to welcome the finalists.

20:02 The finalists take to the stage to sing a remix of the most popular songs of the artists they imitate.

20:00 The grand finale of Yo Soy, Grande Batallas begins!


Come to an end! Yo Soy, Grandes Batallas will have a new champion and everything will be defined this Saturday, January 29 through the Latina signal. In total there are 5 imitators who have reached this stage and must show all their talent if they want to win the jackpot.

As you remember, the semifinal took place on January 28, where the semifinalists, Ricardo Montaner, Celia Cruz, Lucho Barrios, José José and Nino Bravo, had to face the established ones.

José Feliciano, Juan Gabriel, Emmanuel, Demi Lovato and Yuri, had to duel with their other teammates to define the 5 participants who would reach the final of this program.

After the battles, the jury finally chose those they considered the best imitators and they had to reach the grand finale this Saturday, January 29, which will be broadcast on the Latina signal.


‘Jose Feliciano’

the imitator of Joseph Feliciano came to the set of I am Great Battles to try to take the chair away from ‘Dyango’. Both made their presentations, but were sent to a double draw, since the jury did not make a final decision. After seeing his second performance, the judge gave the winner to Sebastián Landa, a participant who plays José Feliciano.


After singing “I ask you for love”, the impersonator of Yuri managed to beat ‘Bad bunny’ in a tiebreaker versus. Noelia Calle earned a red chair and became part of the semifinalists of Yo Soy, Grandes Batalla, however, she later earned merit to be in the final.

‘John Gabriel’

‘John Gabriel’ in their first duel ‘Luis Fonsi’ turned out to be the winner of the battle. Ronald Hidalgo came to the singing reality show with his best repertoire to face Freddy Armas with his song “Despacito”. The presentation of the imitator of Juan Gabriel was to the liking of the members of the jury who gave him the majority of votes.

They must be added ‘Ricardo Montaner’ Y ‘Bravo Boy’, who also earned the right to be in this final.

Meet the finalists of Yo Soy, Grandes Batallas.  (Photo: Instagram)
Meet the finalists of Yo Soy, Grandes Batallas. (Photo: Instagram)


To be able to participate and choose your favorite impersonator in this latest program of I am, Great Battles, You must download the Latina app. All users who have a cell phone with an Android or Apple system will be able to participate in the voting.


All those who want to see the grand finale they will be able to do so from 8:00 pm (Peruvian time). At that time the first live concerts will begin and then with the vote of the public the favorites will be chosen.


Yo Soy, Grandes Batallas will be broadcast on the signal of Latina Television.

Open signal / Channel 2

Movistar TV / Canal 102 (SD) Canal 802 (HD)

Claro TV / Channel 2

DirecTV / Canal 192 (SD/HD)


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