Daniil Medvedev beats Rafael Nadal in historic Australian Open final

In the first set, Medvedev managed to make the difference in the fifth game, the Russian was able to break Rafael Nadal’s serve and put the match 3-2. Later, a new break of the number 2 in the world would come, who with the passing of the minutes took over the Rod Laver Arena and imposed his game on the Spanish to the point of closing the set in 42 minutes 6-2.

It was not until the fourth game of the second set when Rafa he was able to break the 25-year-old’s serve and make it 3-1 in his favour. Concentrated and more aggressive, the Spaniard took advantage of the moment and stretched the difference keeping his serve. Medvedev, in any case, was going to level the game again and go into the break with a 3-4 lead, but it was during his service that the man from Manacor recovered the advantage (5-3).

The second set stretched to the deuce with a very even rhythm of play between the two. It was in the fourth, and after 12 minutes, when the Russian managed to break his serve and get back on the scoreboard (5-4). Unforced errors complicated Rafa during the final stretch, however he was able to stretch the game (6-5) in a set that played a lot on the emotional and mental level of the two protagonists.

Medvedev held his serve and made it all happen in the tiebreak (6-6), it was there that the Russian won 7-5, taking the second consecutive set and complicating the Spanish comeback.

Nadal fell in a second set that played a transcendental role in the emotional and mental (Reuters)

The first game of the third set was played as if it had been decisive. With that intensity the Russian tried to defend his advantage and the Spaniard to look for the bump. Both were able to keep their serves from the beginning, even in the sixth Nadal was on the verge of losing it but was able to recover after being three breakpoint down.

Finally it was in the ninth when Rafael Nadal broke. The one from Manacor put the game 5-4 and with the serve in favor he got his first match set to discount on the board and lengthen the definition.

The public seemed to turn to Rafael Nadal from the beginning of the fourth set. The fans played an important role in the break with which the Spaniard made it 2-1. Emboldened after having discounted, the Balearic came out more determined than the Russian, whose head played against him having lost the third round.

The audience seemed to turn Rafa from the start of the fourth set. The fans played an important role in the break with which the Spaniard went 2-1 and later 3-2 after a tense deuce who could have opted for either side.

Medvedev prevailed in the first two sets (Reuters)
Medvedev prevailed in the first two sets (Reuters)


In a meeting that concentrates all eyes, Rafael Nadal (5th of the ATP ranking) if mide ante Daniil Medvedev (2nd) in the final of the Australian Open. A match to which both protagonists arrive with great hopes: if crowned champion, the Spaniard will win his 21st Grand Slam and become the greatest winner of Grand Slam tournaments in history. The Russian, on the other hand, needs a victory to disembark for the first time in his career at number 1 on the ranking.

The duel is played this Sunday at 8.30 GMT (5.30 from Argentina) and has transmission ESPN.

The stadium Rod Laver Arena It is the stage in which these two players who have shown a high level during the last two weeks and who arrive with great expectations for the decisive match of a tournament whose beginning was marked by the scandal and subsequent deportation of the number one in the world are face to face , Serbian Novak Djokovic, for not being vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Just one win separates Rafa Nadal from his 21st Grand Slam title. So far, he has 20 trophies and shares the merit of being the most successful player in history along with the Swiss Roger Federer (has not won a major tournament since his coronation at the 2018 Australian Open) and the aforementioned Djokovic, who reached that figure with his consecration last year at Wimbledon. A victory against Medvedev would ensure the Mallorca-born lead that classification alone.

Nadal Goes for his 21st Grand Slam title (REUTERS / Morgan Sette)
Nadal Goes for his 21st Grand Slam title (REUTERS / Morgan Sette)

Nadal comes from leaving the Italian on the road Matteo Berrettini for 6-3 6-2 3-6 6-3. At 35 years old, after having played only six months last year due to a foot injury and after going through covid-19 last December, he himself has recognized that having reached the final and having the opportunity to fight for the title is “totally unexpected”.

“I don’t know if it’s going to be my last chance or not. A short time ago it seemed that there would be no other opportunity and now we are here. Honestly, I don’t know what’s at stake. It is a semi miracle. I am incredibly happy and enjoying this moment. That does not take away from me that I am excited and wanting to make this last effort to give myself an opportunity”, said the Spaniard, who is also seeking to become the second player in the Open era (the fourth in history) to have conquered in at least twice each of the four Grand Slam tournaments, something Djokovic achieved last year when he won Roland Garros for the second time.

Ten years younger than Nadal is Medvedev, the exponent of the new generation that has obtained the best results so far. “My goal is not to deprive Rafa of a 21st Grand Slam title, but to win my match,” said the Russian, who beat the Greek in the semifinals Stefanos Tsitsipas for 7-6(5), 4-6, 6-4 and 6-1.

Medvedev has a chance to be number one in the world (REUTERS / Asanka Brendon Ratnayake)
Medvedev has a chance to be number one in the world (REUTERS / Asanka Brendon Ratnayake)

These instances of tension are not new for Medvedev, who at the US Open last year beat Djokovic in the US Open final and prevented him from reaching his 21st Grand Slam title. Against Nadal, he has the opportunity to repeat that performance, displace to Nole from the top of the ladder and, in addition, to become the first player in the Open era (since 1968) to win his first two major tournaments consecutively.

This will be the fifth crash in history between Nadal and Medvedev. Until now, the advantage is for the Spaniard with three wins and one loss, but there is an encouraging fact for the Russian, who won the last match between the two played in the semifinals of the 2020 London Masters.


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