Cristina Pérez: “If we think something goes against the current, we have to say it and not be afraid of the stupid culture of cancellation”

Cristina Perez

“Cristina is very good at speaking, if they do a test on her?”, suggested an uncle of hers to a producer who had been surprised to hear that fourteen-year-old girl. Cristina Pérez had gone to accompany her cousins ​​who had a music band to the radio, not knowing that it was actually his own destiny that was beginning to take shape.

After spending entire afternoons simulating with the radio in his house in Tucumán that he had his own program, the game began to become a reality. A) Yes, began airing a program on Radio del Jardín, on Saturday and Sunday mornings. “I did not go out to be able to be awake at 6”, recalled the journalist who will debut on Monday at 9:00 in Rivadavia with her cycle No Turns. Thus, from a very young age he learned about schedules against the grain and hard work in pursuit of what he wanted so much: to communicate.

“At that age I had the same voice as now, at school they always made me read, I liked being in front of a microphone, writing, saying what I thought, it was something that was in me. One, when he is a boy, plays and dreams and when the opportunity arose, I hugged him. Later I went to the Rock and Pop branch, I was between Nora Perlé and Pergolini, and at 16 cable TV found me”, he told about his beginnings. With his first salary, unforgettable, he bought a green gardener and used it for the first time to walk along the pedestrian street.

Cristina Pérez, as a girl playing that she had her own radio program
Cristina Pérez, as a girl playing that she had her own radio program

“At that time I asked permission to go out, but not for this, because it is something that was imposed on me as a certainty and it happens to me to this day, I live it with the passion with which I live it because I still think that it was fulfilled for me the dream i had when i was a little girl, he said and it is with that passion that this year, twenty years after being in charge of the Telefe newscast with Rodolfo Barili, he adds a new challenge: to be one of the faces of the radio of the second morning.

“It took me life to walk here and for a big radio to trust me, a woman because there aren’t many at that time, it’s a personal dream and a milestone as a woman”, thanked the opportunity in Rivadavia, a station so emblematic for so many generations that “marked the radio” he described and feels that in the place it will occupy it must “honor that history”.

Although he has always prepared for this challenge, things come at the right time and that is how he feels: “I feel at a moment of maturity in which I can face reality with courage. which is what I like and I add the life experience, which allows us to give more over time”.

Cristina Pérez debuts on Monday 31 on Radio Rivadavia
Cristina Pérez debuts on Monday 31 on Radio Rivadavia

She will not be alone and from Monday to Friday they will accompany her Manuel Adorni (Economy), Luis Tonelli (Politics), Claudio Zin (Health), Roman Iucht (Sports), Ariel Tarico (Humor), Ceferino Reato, y Pablo Montagna (Shows), among others. “It’s a spectacular team, I have a dream table, and if the table has a good time, everyone has a good time”.

After spending five years on night shifts at Miter, being on the second morning not only means recovering dinners with a partner or friends, but also a challenge: “We journalists are born with Dalí’s melted clock because we anticipate all schedules and situations, we do 14-hour shifts and this is to continue with that versatility. I have been doing the news for 30 years and I am in the line of fire, but there I am part of a team, on the radio it is you with your listeners and I wanted to be at that time when things happen, on the barricade.

Television, books, newspaper columns, but he always returns to his first love. Why the radio? “It is the environment most similar to life, resilient to the economy and changes, it occurs in the most essential human encounter and in a real way that touches the natural and authentic of people. In addition, the radio is history, it is the memories of your grandmother, the radio of your parents on, reaching that tune, a window to the imagination.

With more than three decades of career, he knows that doing the work he loves also carries an obligation. “With this strategy, Argentina is going to go through how many months of quarantine, in slow motion? There are merchants going bankrupt, there are people who have no income. Some are not going to die of coronavirus, but they are going to die of something else, let’s say,” he said in May 2020 on the air of Telefe Noticias a Pedro Cahn infectious disease doctor and member of the team of advisers to the President regarding COVID-19. Thus, she was one of the first to express herself against confinement.

“After that they came out to attack me but the people, on the contrary, valued it. Fear was used, it was manipulated and I believe in freedom”, he said and recalled: “Unfortunately, the handling of the pandemic was more for control than for health and the Government carried out an experiment of eternal quarantine with millions of Argentines and when it came to health we saw how vaccines were stolen, they were vaccinated first, they delayed vaccines for not negotiating and they held parties in Olivos, they made decisions contrary to guarantees and razed rights without a judge opening his mouth and they installed it as dogma. A person who thinks independently is never anti-life, they wanted to apply medieval obscurantism by making us think that whoever proposed a critical view was anti-life”.

Despite the criticism, he does not regret having expressed himself: “When you don’t say, you disrespect people and yourself. The worst thing that can happen to us is to shut up out of fear and stop being us. If we think something that goes against the current, we have to say it and not be afraid of the stupid culture of cancellation. Today we are all transmitters and when one makes their voices heard no matter what happens, they feel that they did what they had to do and that is worth it, and when one loses fear, others do it”.

Monday will be the day of his double debut, since he will also return to the Telefe newscast after taking a few weeks of vacation. On how he will adjust his times to prepare for both programs, he told about his way of working: “I put together as layers of information, all day I write down things to create an editorial or ask. I think it’s going to be intense work tomorrow, layers of info until the news, data for the editorial the other day between the afternoon and the morning and in between meetings and training and eat with my friends and my boyfriend, with whom I am in a very nice moment personally and that gives strength”.

In October of last year Cristina made official her relationship with the Mendoza deputy Luis Petri. And although the news of the romance between the politician and the journalist came out in several places, the media did not affect them: “We take it naturally because when there is love, things find their way and with my schedules… 22 would arrive from the channel, he would cook for me and return to the air (for his program on Miter he had set up a studio in his apartment) and he would stay preparing class on the balcony while, and that’s life”. One of the things that stood out precisely from the new routine that is beginning is that, among other things, they will be able to have dinner together when he is in Buenos Aires.


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