Avelino Guillén on Pedro Castillo: “Whoever told him to give the interview to CNN is not his friend or good adviser”

Avelino Guillén spoke about the interview that Pedro Castillo offered to CNN. Photo: Andean

The former Minister of the Interior, Avelino Guillen, talked about the interview granted by President Pedro Castillo to CNN’s Fernando del Rincón. The former prosecutor argued that the president does not have good advisers to have agreed to talk with the US network.

“I don’t see advisers who advise him well. Whoever told you to give the interview to CNN is not your friend or good adviser. What the president lacks is a good team of advisers, establishing dialogue, confidence in his premier, having long working hours with his ministers and political evaluation”He said in an interview with La República.

Avelino Guillen also felt that many times peter castle does not listen to any official who has good advice, including the president of the Council of Ministers, Mirtha Vásquez.

“At times he gives me the impression that he doesn’t even listen to the premiere. A vacuum is produced. The important thing in politics is knowing how to listen to everyone, make decisions and assume them. It has an excellent Minister of Economy, a good Minister of Health, to name a few, and they should deserve greater recognition,” he said.

In the same interview, Guillén acknowledged that he expected the support of Pedro Castillo due to the disagreements that he had with the general commander of the National Police of Peru, Javier GallardoHowever, despite the fact that the head of state knew his position, he let the issue pass and the former Minister of the Interior could not do anything.

“I hoped that the President of the Republic would support his minister, but he preferred to remain silent and put himself in profile. That is a thunderous silence, because it says a lot. He has expressed a position of clear and direct support for the Commander General of the Police.”, he indicated.

Guillén said that he did not agree with dismissing good members of the National Police of Peru because they were “valuable”, but Gallardo made the decisions, even though Castillo knew how the commander general was acting.

The lawyer resigning from the position of minister asserted that urgent changes had to be made in the main operational units of the Police, such as the Division of Investigations of High Complexity Crimes (Diviac).


Avelino Guillen presented his letter of “irrevocable” resignation from the position of Minister of the Interior to President Pedro Castillo because the president avoided discussing the issue of casualties within the National Police of Peru (PNP) for more than two weeks.

“My resignation is irrevocable. Under that condition I have tendered my resignation. I have waited for two weeks for the president’s response and his silence for me is a very clear and direct indication that he is assuming a position of support for the commander general of the National Police. (…) There are silences that express positions. The natural thing is that the president supports his minister”, He said.

peter castle He told him that he would make a decision on the issues of the PNP, but he never spoke about it again and it was a signal from Guillén to step aside from the position.

“Since there was no response and the situation worsened, I had to make a decision, which could not be postponed any longer”, he exposed.


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