They executed a family at the exit of a wedding on the outskirts of Rosario

Place where the party took place

A brutal triple crime occurred this morning on the outskirts of the city of Rosario. A family returning from a wedding in a private neighborhood by car was intercepted by a truck that began a flurry of shots and murdered a father and his daughter on the road. Later, investigators found the car in which they were traveling burnt out and inside the corpse of a woman, who apparently would be the man’s partner, who had been attacked along with the victims.

According to the first information to which he accessed Infobae, the triple crime occurred this morning when Maximiliano Gimenez, 33 years old, with her daughter Elena, one year old, and a woman identified as Erika Vanessa Romero, left a party in the Campos de Ibarlucea gated community, located on Route 34 and 25 de Mayo Street, in the town of Ibarlucea, half an hour from Rosario.

At that moment, aboard a white Audi TT apparently driven by Romero, A gray Amarok van intercepted them on the way to Rosario. The victims tried to return to the gated community, but from the Amarok they began to shoot at them, mortally wounding Giménez and his daughter.

After the attack, Romero managed to get to the party. There, they transferred the victims in another white Amarok van to the Eva Perón hospital, in Grenadier Baigorria. According to sources in the case, Romero followed the Amaraok aboard his Audi TT.

Once inside the hospital, the doctors informed them that Giménez and her daughter had died due to the gunshot wounds they had received. Then the driver of the Amarok left, and so did Romero.

At the hospital they notified the police who began to reconstruct what happened. While doing preliminary tours to find out what had happened, the investigators found the burnt-out white Audi TT on Urquiza street and a rural road: Inside, the body of a woman who would be Romero was apparently found.

The case remained in the hands of prosecutor Gastón Avila, who sent the Scientific Police to the scene and seized nine served 9mm caliber pods. Also, he sent the body found inside the Audi to the morgue to identify it while he reconstructs what happened.

According to the records accessed by Infobae, Giménez appears related to the manufacture of bakery products. Also, he had an address in the city of Rosario.

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