Ricardo Gareca spoke after the historic victory of the Peruvian team in Barranquilla

Ricardo Gareca spoke after the 1-0 victory over Colombia in Barranquilla.

Ricardo Gareca, technician of the peruvian national team, spoke after the historic 1-0 victory over Colombia in Barranquilla. The Argentine coach was excited about the match and thanked the people who always trusted the ‘red and white‘ and those who attended the Metropolitan Stadium. The strategist became the first coach to win three consecutive games in South American Qualifiers.

“Winning here is very difficult, but I have to review, we have won in very complicated scenarios and in very complicated moments for us. I highlight these guys because we went through very difficult times and today we are in a position. We know that this isn’t over, it’s just coming back and continuing, resting and trying to blend into the next match. It was a very tough year. It is very difficult to tell you if this is the most important victory. I value it a lot, Colombia is a great team”, commented the DT.

Let’s remember that this is a historic victory that breaks two records in Peruvian soccer in South American Qualifiers, given that it is the first time that the ‘red and white’ has won two consecutive away victories: 2-1 against Venezuela in Caracas and 1-0 against Colombia in Barranquilla. The second is that they achieved three consecutive victories: 3-0 against Bolivia and the last two matches.

On the other hand, the ‘bicolor’ did not beat Colombia as a visitor 23 years ago, when ‘Chino’ Pereda won 1-0 in 1987. In addition, in the last games we were defeated 3-0 in the Qualifiers against Qatar and 3-2 in the Copa América Brazil 2021.

Ricardo Gareca press conference after Peru triumph | VIDEO: Channel N


At another point in the conference, Ricardo Gareca analyzed the match and told how he saw the match. He highlighted the defensive work of the Peruvian team and said what the strategy was to avoid attacks from Colombia.

“We played with a team that was in need, that has great players. Both teams need to win to position. We were patient, of course we would have liked to have had more offensive opportunities, but it was a game that had to be worked on. Colombia prevented most of the attacks. It was necessary to defend well and reduce the attacks of the Colombians to avoid the one-on-one with Pedro Gallese”, expressed the Argentine from the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla.

Ricardo Gareca celebrates victory against Colombia | VIDEO: Channel N


Ricardo Gareca has little time to rest and he already knows that he must think about the next match of the South American Qualifiers. In this context, the “Tiger” referred to the duel against Ecuador that will take place on February 1 at the National Stadium in Lima.

Ricardo Gareca on the match against Ecuador in Qatar 2022 Qualifiers | Video: Channel N


Peru vs Colombia. A counterattack led by Christian Cueva and defined by edison flowers at minute 85 he excited Peru this Friday with direct qualification to the World Cup Qatar 2022, and moved Colombia away from the objective, as it fell in Barranquilla 0-1 in Barranquilla and accumulated six games without winning.

With the goal of the midfielder from DC United, those led by Ricardo Gareca they reached fourth place with 20 units while the coffee growers fell to sixth with 17. Peru will receive Ecuador in Lima on February 1 and Colombia will have to visit Argentina.

Peru vs. Colombia: summary of the 1-0 triumph of the bicolor. Source Movistar Sports


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