Police chain at Leipzig University Hospital broken – investigations initiated | MDR.DE

At an unannounced demonstration against the Corona measures in Leipzig, riots broke out on Saturday. Participants in the demonstration broke through a police line and entered the university hospital grounds. As the police announced late in the evening, investigations into suspected trespassing and trespassing were initiated. In addition, violations of the Assembly Act, the Saxon Corona Emergency Ordinance and resistance to law enforcement officers, insults and property damage are reported. The personal details of 50 participants were recorded.

Demonstrators break through the police cordon several times

In the afternoon, hundreds of people demonstrated against the Corona policy, including well-known supporters and members of right-wing extremist parties. The police initially observed a lively influx in Wilhelm-Külz-Park. When the unregistered elevator started moving in the direction of the city centre, it was stopped in the Prager Straße/Güntzstraße area and asked to name a leader of the meeting. This was also found and explained that they wanted to move to the market. “Already here there was a first attempt to circumvent the police closure,” said the police.

The elevator finally turned into Philipp-Rosenthal-Strasse and was stopped again by the police because the conditions were violated. From this gathering, several dozen people broke through the police line in front of the hospital grounds and broke into the university hospital grounds on Semmelweisstrasse. The clinic and polyclinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy is located there.

Police encircle “walkers meeting”.

As the police reported at the request of MDR SACHSEN, the people assigned to a “walkers’ gathering” were found on the clinic grounds and surrounded. According to an MDR reporter, Steffen Thiel, board member of the NPD Saxony-Anhalt, was sighted during the encirclement. The right-wing extremist Reinhard Rade identified himself as the leader of the meeting and wanted to register a demonstration. This was not approved.


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