Former golfer Gato Romero requested leave in his position as mayor due to his delicate state of health

El Gato Romero revealed his delicate state of health (@egatoromero)

Eduardo Cat Romero used to be one of the best golfers in Argentina, but today his life is linked to politics. In 2015 he won the elections to be the mayor of Villa Allende, his hometown, and in April 2019 he was re-elected.

In the last few hours, he was once again in the news due to the shocking announcement he made through his account on the social network. Twitter. The former professional athlete acknowledged that he must pause his activities as president of the town due to his delicate state of health.

Eduardo Romero's letter to the residents of Villa Allende (@egatoromero)
Eduardo Romero’s letter to the residents of Villa Allende (@egatoromero)

“Here I am again to tell you what is happening to me, and above all, the reasons why I cannot be there, next to you as I always did. My state of health is delicate and a few weeks ago I began a long treatment with ups and downs, which today forces me to give you news that I never imagined and for which I never prepared myself. Together with my team and family, we decided that it would be best to pause my duties as Mayor of Villa Allende, requesting a temporary license that will allow me to focus on my health. Throughout my life, first as an athlete and then as a mayor, I developed a deep vocation for service that never ends, and that is my unwavering commitment to all of you”, he began his story under a letter entitled “To my neighbors from Villa Allende”.

The winner of the Trophée Lancôme and the Opens in Spain, France, Italy and Scotland, then stated: “I will closely follow the activity of my management and I know that I leave great professionals and better people in charge of running the city. Throughout my sports career I was lucky enough to travel the world and I want to tell you that for me, like Villa Allende there is not and there will not be. I grew up here, I was from the Villa, I am and I will continue to be, and I want you to know that I am going to accompany you from wherever I am. Hopefully soon that means being in charge of the Municipality again. It is a crucial moment in my life and as in so many others, I know that I can count on the strength of my family, my management team, my friends, you, my neighbors, and God to get ahead.”

It is worth remembering that Romero, in December, was admitted to a private sanatorium in Córdoba capital after suffering a decompensation and suffering from stomach problems, according to reports from his close circle. “Hello neighbors. I want to tell you, honestly as I always did, that for a few months I have been experiencing a health problem that has required different types of studies that will continue in the coming weeks, “he said at the time.


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