Diego Lainez supported the work of Tata Martino with the Tricolor

Diego Lainez supported the Tata process (Photo: Christopher Hanewinckel/REUTERS)

With the victory against Jamaica in the Octagonal Final of the Concacaf, the Mexican National Team experienced a first favorable step in the World Cup year. Although the three points were beneficial to climb positions in the sector table, some experts and fans They criticized the football display shown by Gerardo Martino’s squad. Despite the opinions to the contrary, Diego Lainez revealed his confidence in the sports project of the Argentine coach.

During an interview with Aztec Sports, the Real Betis striker assured that each of the players has full confidence in the decisions that, match by match, start the Tata and his coaching staff. Although he was not considered in the starting lineup, his presence as a shock on the field was decisive for the creation of new plays on offense. In this sense, he assured that:

“I work for that, because the teacher is the one who sees us every day and is the one who has to choose the best option for the team. I respect the decisions a lot, he is a great teacher, we all trust him and we abide by what follows in order to give the best of ourselves. I think that so far everything has gone very well,” he assured the media outlet.

Despite the victory, Martino was the target of criticism (Photo: José Cabezas/REUTERS)
Despite the victory, Martino was the target of criticism (Photo: José Cabezas/REUTERS)

Despite having numerical superiority on the field of play, the Tricolor was down on the scoreboard in the first minutes of the second half. Right away, the Tata made the decision to relieve captain Andrés Guardado by his teammate in Spanish soccer. With one more skilled man on the attack, the offensive face of the visitors underwent a remarkable metamorphosis.

Although 17 games had to pass before he returned to defend the colors of Mexico on the field, Diego Lainez did not show the remnants of inactivity. On the contrary, the role he adopted from the 54th minute was totally offensive and confrontational. On several occasions he was seen asking for the ball and taking on the challenge of dribbling past opponents to create chances from the center and even from shot to goal. The fans even asked for his ownership over that of Uriel Antuna.

Own David Faitelson recognized that due to the lack of confidence and quality in the decisions of the field players, Diego Lainez represents the secret weapon for Martino, since it was the only one who dared to try different things. Marc Crosas, for his part, expressed on his Twitter account that “Lainez doesn’t play much on his team, but in the national team there is no unbalanced player like him in driving and one-on-one.”

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