Confrontation in Tamaulipas left seven detainees and one killed from the Gulf Cartel

Video: @TamCodigoRojo / Twitter.

After an intense shooting in several streets of Victory City, Tamaulipas, the state authorities detained seven individuals and killed one more, identified as Group Spartan of Gulf Cartel, who seized weapons and tactical equipment.

According to reports obtained by Infobae Mexico, the attacks began around 5:30 p.m. near the Eje Vial and Benito Juárez Street. In that place they moved two suspicious vehicles which, previously, were followed by the C4.

As soon as they noticed the police presence, the crew members of both trucks began to shoot at the uniformed and a manhunt broke out in the area. Users on social networks shared the sound of the fight against elements of the state police.

Despite the deployment of agents they only managed to catch up with one of the units and secured four of the assailants. in the actions a man was killed, who was left next to a gun. The operation continued and after three people were arrested who would also be implicated in the confrontation.

A woman who was in the area was injured by the impacts, seeing herself besieged in the shooting of police officers and alleged members of the Gulf Cartel. The injured woman was taken to hospital where she was reported to have superficial damage to the leg.

Inside the seized truck, vests were found with the legend of the criminal group and its association with the cell of the Spartan Group. They also observed military-type clothing, chargers, ammunition, and high-powered rifles.

Unofficial reports indicated that one of the detainees would be a military agent, but the Secretary of National Defense did not offer a timely response when consulted by this means.

The Spartan Group y/o Spartan Task Force has been located in the region of the Huasteca and their incursions were identified in San Luis Potosi since the end of 2020. In that entity they would be dedicated to drug dealing against other cells that claim the territory.

This armed wing of Gulf Cartel was threatened by Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) in Tamuín, where those of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, the MenchoThey ensured the extermination of enemies in June of last year, according to deployed narcomantas.

Previously, in March 2021, this criminal cell warned businessmen and the rest of the population of City Valleys, also in San Luis Potosí, so that they no longer pay fees to alleged Commanders They pretended to be a cartel. Presumably, their areas of operation extended to Tanquián de Escobedo Y Matehuala.

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