Claudio Lozano, director of Banco Nación, struck down the agreement with the IMF: “It is nothing more than a deferred default and guarantees impunity”

Lozano, along with President Alberto Fernández, with a chinstrap, but not a muzzle

The announcement of the government’s agreement with the IMF began to generate harsh responses within the government coalition. Today, through social networks, the director of Banco Nación, Claudio Lozano, leader of “Popular Unity”, strongly criticized Friday’s announcements through a letter with the explicit title: “An agreement that guarantees impunity.”

“Unfortunately, the decision made by the national government and that requires the ratification of the Argentine Parliament, implies LEGITIMATING the credit taken by the macrismo despite the objective fact that it has violated all existing administrative, legal and constitutional procedures to indebt the State ”, says the text of the official, who adds that “the national government has desisted from denouncing before the Political and Judicial Forums worldwide the multiple irregularities incurred by the IMF; With all the arguments in favor, the Government gave up promoting the nullity of the Macri-IMF loan, both locally and internationally.”

In another section of the letter, Lozano points out that the result of the new arrangement is nothing more than a “deferred default and not a solution to indebtedness” since – he assures – “in a few more years, Argentina will have to restructure its debt again.”

Lozano, a member of the board of directors of the largest state-owned bank in Argentina, affirmed that “validating IMPUNITY never produces good results” and was surprised by what President Alberto Fernández and the Minister of Economy, Martín, announced yesterday. Guzman.

“Mhile we expected an agreement of facilities extended to 10 years, the government surprised us with a reconditioning and controlled standby, followed later by extended facilities without it being clear from when the grace years are counted. If it is from the first disbursement, or at the end of the stand by”, he pointed out.


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