Argentina begins its illusion in the Futsal Copa América: format, venues, schedules and everything you need to know

Lucas Bolo Alemany, Cristian Borruto and Maximiliano Rescia celebrate the victory against Brazil in the semifinals of the World Cup that was played in Lithuania (EFE/EPA/TOMS KALNINS)

The Argentine futsal team begins its participation in the America Cup which is disputed in Paraguay with the mission of consolidating his figure as a candidate for the title.

The team led by matias lucuix, world runner-up in Lithuania last year, he made his preparation in the property that the AFA owns in Ezeiza with 16 players before leaving for the neighboring country in search of a new title.

It should be remembered that the continental competition was going to be played in Brazil, but due to sanitary measures, the venue was finally changed to Paraguay and it takes place between January 29 and February 6.

The tournament organized by Conmebol is played again after five years, since the edition 2019 was canceled due to the protests that followed Chile.

Therefore, the last antecedent was in 2017 in the province of San Juan and the champion was Brazil after beating Argentina for 4 a 2 in the final that was defined in extra time.

The players summoned by Lucuix are: Nicholas Sarmiento (Real Betis Futsal -Spain-), Matías Starna (Peñiscola FS -Spain-) and Nicholas Kravetzky (Central tents). Lucas Bolo Alemany (Italservice Pesaro -Italy-), Maximilian Rescia (Levante UD FS -Spain-), Paul Taborda (Italservice Pesaro -Italy-), Sebastián Corso (Industrias Santa Coloma -Spain-), Constantino Vaporaki (Meta Catania -Spain-) and Leandro Cuzzolino (Italservice Pesaro -Italy-). Andrés Geraghty (Albali Valdepeñas Vineyard -Spain-), Angel Claudino (Soccer Emotion Zaragoza -Spain-), Cristian Borruto (Italservice Pesaro -Italy-), Matías Edelstein (Opificio 4.0 CMB -Italy-) Gabriel Ramirez (Central tents) Alan Brandi (Jaén Inner Paradise -Spain-) and Matthias Rose (The Well Murcia -Spain-).

The format of the contest is simple: they are two zones with 5 teams each and the top two from each group will advance to the semi-finals scheduled for andl February 5. Those participants who do not manage to access the decisive phase will continue their participation for the dispute of the fifth, seventh and ninth place.

GROUP A: Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile.

B GROUP: Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela and Peru.

Futsal semifinals: Argentina vs Brazil (Twitter: @Argentina)
Futsal semifinals: Argentina vs Brazil (Twitter: @Argentina)



Date 1: Saturday January 29

11.00 Peru – Venezuela

13.00 Chile – Colombia

15.00 Argentina – Bolivia

17.00 Brazil – Ecuador

Free: Uruguay and Paraguay

Date 2: Sunday January 30

11.00 Ecuador – Chile

13.00 Bolivia – Peru

15.00 Uruguay – Colombia

17.00 Paraguay – Venezuela

Free: Brazil and Argentina

Date 3: Monday January 31

11.00 Ecuador – Uruguay

1:00 p.m. Bolivia vs. Paraguay

15.00 Chile – Brazil

17.00 Peru – Argentina

Free: Colombia and Venezuela

Date 4: Wednesday, February 2

11.00 Uruguay – Chile

13.00 Paraguay – Peru

15.00 Colombia – Brazil

17.00 Venezuela-Argentina

Free: Ecuador and Bolivia

Date 5: Thursday February 3

11.00 Venezuela – Bolivia

13.00 Colombia – Ecuador

15.00 Argentina – Paraguay

17.00 Brazil – Uruguay

Free: Chile and Peru


Saturday February 5

5th Group A – 5th Group B (9th and 10th place)

4th Group A – 4th Group B (7th and 8th place)

1st Group A – 2nd Group B (Semifinal 1)

1st Group B – 2nd Group A (Semifinal 2)

Sunday February 6

3rd Group A – 3rd Group B (5th and 6th place)

Semifinal Loser 1 – Semifinal Loser 2 (3rd and 4th place)

Semifinal Winner 1 – Semifinal Winner 2 (champion and runner-up)


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