Anna Carina sings with Sebastián Yatra and gets emotional: “One of my favorite artists”

Anna Carina and Sebastián Yatra sang “Red Heels”. (Photo: Instagram)

The Peruvian singer Anna Carina met Sebastian Yatra, who has just released his album Dharma, and did not hesitate to share this fun meeting through his social networks. His followers were surprised to see them together for the first time.

Through her official Instagram account, María Pía Copello’s sister shone next to Sebastian Yatra and they even sang together “Red high heels”, a single that the Colombian singer premiered in October 2021 and became a trend on TikTok.

“My scream at the end is epic. I finally met one of my favorite artists and his new album Dharma is one of the best I’ve ever heard. Thanks for the good vibes today, Sebastian”, wrote the interpreter of “Tell me if this is love”.

The publication has more than 24 thousand ‘likes’. In addition, several artists from the national media were excited to see Anna Carina next to Sebastián Yatra, including her sister Maria Pia Copello, Natalia Salas, Ernesto Pimentel and Sandra Muente.

The Peruvian singer showed off with Sebastián Yatra.


In another post, Anna Carina demonstrated the good relationship he maintains with Sebastian Yatra with a funny phonemic of the song “Anonymous Melancholics”, which is part of the Dharma album.

Anna Carina and Sebastián Yatra shine together on social networks.


Maria Pia Copello traveled to Colombia to meet Sebastian Yatra and give him an exclusive interview about his new album Dharma. Of course, the Peruvian cheerleader took advantage of the moment to record a fun TikTok video, which went viral in a matter of hours.

In the images, the former host of This is war is seen walking through the streets of Colombia, while listening to the song “Passenger love” of the Colombian singer.

Once he arrives at the recording set to conduct the interview, he unexpectedly meets the interpreter of “Ideal Girl” after colliding with him from behind. Seeing him, the cheerleader “passes out” and falls to the floor. The singer goes to help her, holds her by the waist and calls his assistant.

“Cesitar, call a doctor! This woman fainted, I think I’m going to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.” Sebastian is heard saying. The video ends when he is about to touch María Pía Copello’s lips.

The former host of Esto es Guerra was more than excited when she met the Colombian singer.


After interviewing Sebastián Yatra, a follower of María Pía Copello asked him how much the Peruvian singer charges for giving an exclusive interview. The former TV presenter clarified that everything was free and that, in fact, she was invited along with other personalities to the event courtesy of Yatra.

“He doesn’t charge, what’s more, they invited us to the interview in Colombia so that we can promote the new single in our countries. We were several drivers, Maria Pia said.


Sebastian Yatra released his third studio album, Dharma, and it’s available now on Spotify and YouTube. The artist expressed his joy on social networks and also announced that he will start a world tour starting on February 23 to meet his fans again. Through the 17 songs that make up the album, combines different genres and represents a special message about the interpreter’s philosophy of life.

“Dharma is a gift. The good, the bad, the happy and the sad are illustrated in music. Although some songs are sad and others happy, but they are all part of our existence and love.”, he reflects.

The recent news of the “World Dharma Tour”, which will start on February 23, made the artist’s fans happy, as they expect more cities and countries to join the tour. Until now Yatra announced when his presentations will be in Spain through his Instagram account, but the other destinations have not yet been confirmed.


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