Alleged hitmen of the Sinaloa Cartel boasted a Navy truck

Alleged hitmen were displayed in the units they use to commit crimes, armed and wearing tactical gear, military style. Video: @ Elblogdelosgua1 / Twitter.

A group of suspected assassins assigned to the Sinaloa Cartel displayed themselves carrying high-powered rifles, military tactical gear, and one of their units like those of the Navy Navy of Mexico (Semar).

At least six men dressed in olive green, hooded, with helmets and the narcocorrido in the background, showed off their deployment on the banks of a dirt road, supposedly, somewhere in the mountains in the north of the country.

The subjects waited. as if it were an illegal checkpoint, posing to the recording with a cell phone, while the two trucks flashed lights in front, as if they were siren beacons used by agents and bodyguards.

In one of the vehicles there was a subject stationed in the back, armored, as usual military personnel, ready to fire the heavy caliber weapon. The door kept the logo used by the Semar and their respective serial number.

The Navy uses gray patrol cars that have been cloned by organized crime (Photo: Margarito Pérez Retana / Cuartoscuro)

The operators of Sinaloa Cartel they have chosen to clone patrols of the federal forces, but they have also secured vehicles of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) to use them in illicit activities. Unlike Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), they do not put the initials of the criminal group or figures to identify themselves.

Despite the fact that the military are not exempt from bribes and although the assassins wear tactical clothing as soldiers, they also they choose to fake the uniform. Well, the garments can be purchased at any store specializing in providing material for security elements.

Last August, images were released showing that alleged operators of Ismael Zambada Garcia, the Mayo, they cloned country clothes from the National Guard.

Two photographs and a video that have circulated on social networks show that the civilians, alleged members of organized crime, they wear the same clothes than those of the federal security corporation that was created in the administration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Sicarios have exhibited themselves with cloned GN uniforms (Photo: Twitter@Jalisciense1c)
Sicarios have exhibited themselves with cloned GN uniforms (Photo: [email protected])

The images show two subjects with the uniform, supposedly apocryphal, which is made up of tactical pants between white and light gray with black pixelation, as well as the jacket with the same characteristics.

While in the clip you can see a convoy of up to 15 vans and more than 40 people, most of the vehicles are of the type pick up. Of these, less than a dozen are white units with tubes in the rear, as if from National Guard patrols it was treated

When asked by Infobae Mexico, the agency replied that the Unauthorized use of uniforms and insignia is a criminal offense in accordance with Article 32 of the National Guard and the corresponding complaints will be filed.

According to the images, an alleged member of the Sinaloa Cartel would have taken one selfie with the uniform on, inside a van. The insignia of the institution stood out on the arms and around the neck an image of Santa Muerte.

The National Guard was approved in March 2019 and formal operations began on June 30 of that year (Photo: Europa Press)
The National Guard was approved in March 2019 and formal operations began on June 30 of that year (Photo: Europa Press)

In another photo, a man was standing in the middle of a wooded area, next to a navy blue car. He also wore the garb of the National Guard, brown tactical vest (and not black as in the institution), as well as black elbow and knee pads.

Almost a month later it was revealed that members of the Sinaloa Cartel they simulated patrols of the corporation to kidnap police officers from Zacatecas, an entity devastated by the drug war that they maintain against the CJNG since mid 2020.

The piracy of vehicles, clothing and even labeling bulletproof vests with legends such as “Marina” or “Sedena” are part of the strategies of criminal groups to carry out uprisings or install checkpoints on highways in which they check or extort money from travelers and carriers.

In addition, with this they intend to go unnoticed among the population to justify weapons or camouflage their crimes, attributing illegal actions to the Public Security forces.


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