Who is Facundo Rosas, former PFP commissioner accused of negligence and abuse of power

MEXICO CITY JULY 31, 2008.- Facundo Rosas Rosas, Secretary of Strategy and Police Intelligence, and Gerardo Garay Cadena, Internal Commissioner of the Federal Police, announced tonight the capture of the alleged Colombian drug trafficker Ever Villafañe Martinez, liaison for the Beltrán Leyva family. PHOTO: SAÚL LÓPEZ/CUARTOSCURO.COM

The name of Facundo Rosas Rosas has monopolized the covers of the media in the country during the last hours. And it is that this Thursday morning the former federal official was apprehended after he allegedly ran over and killed an elderly woman on Insurgentes Sur, in Mexico City.

Elements of the capital police reported that the 56-year-old man was driving a truck with license plates from the state of Puebla, for which he was brought before the public ministry of the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office. However, personnel from the Marine Secretariat (Semar) and the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) arrived there to notify him of an arrest warrant against him for his alleged responsibility in the “Fast and Furious” operation, with which Thousands of illegal weapons and ammunition entered from the United States and ended up in the hands of drug traffickers.

For this reason, during the afternoon he was transferred to the facilities of the Specialized Prosecutor for Organized Crime (FEMDO) where he made a statement, and then entered the FGR facilities at the CDMX international airport, since it is expected that in the next few hours be sent to a federal prison.

First of all, it should be noted that he is one of the men closest to Genaro García Luna, former Secretary of Public Security during the government of former PAN President Felipe Calderón, and who since December 2019 has been imprisoned in the United States for links with drug trafficking. Mexico, specifically the Sinaloa cartel, of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

In 2021, Rosas even appeared for his alleged links with the then-called “Super Police” of Calderón.

He was born in the state of Puebla and is a graduate of the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM); In addition, he has a master’s degree in Administration from the Universidad del Valle de México (UVAM).

Rosas began his career in 1989 at the Center for Investigation and National Security (Cisen), where he worked for a decade. In 1999, he became Director General of Terrorism of the now defunct Federal Preventive Police (PFP).

From 2001 to 2007, he was at the Federal Investigation Agency (AFI) as director of Tactical Analysis. Between February and December 2008, he was Undersecretary of Strategy and Police Intelligence of the Federal Public Security Secretariat.

From December 2008 to June 2009, he held the position of Undersecretary for Prevention, Linkage and Human Rights in the Federal Public Security Secretariat.

In October 2008, Rosas reported on the arrest of Eduardo Arellano Félix, who was one of the high ranks of the Arellano Félix Cartel.

In September 2009, García Luna and Facundo Rosas freed an Aeroméxico plane that was hijacked by religious fanatic José Mar Flores, who asked to speak to former President Calderón or he would blow up the plane. In the end he was arrested without a shot.

In February 2010, he participated in a negotiation, in the Milpa Alta mayor’s office, in CDMX, to free police officers who residents of San Pedro Atocpan tried to lynch because they allegedly mistook them for kidnappers.

In 2012, he was accused of the violent eviction on the Autopista del Sol in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, in which two normal students from the Isidro Burgos “Ayotzinapa” Rural School and the owner of a gas station in the area died.

In September 2014, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) suggested that the then PAN governor of Puebla, Rafael Moreno Valle, investigate Facundo Rosas for the death of the minor José Luis Tehuatlie, in Chalchihuapan, for alleged abuse of force. PF elements have fired at least 54 long-range projectiles and tear gas.

This operation was promoted during the government of Barack Obama in the United States. It allowed legal arms dealers to sell material to Mexican drug cartels, under the pretext of tracking products and finding organized crime leaders, although all it did was increase violence, especially in the north of the country.

In this regard, on January 10, the FGR reported that there were four arrest warrants, one of them for Rosas Rosas.


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