“There are no excuses”: Falcao García, after the defeat against Peru

The ‘Tigre’ Falcao came to this match with Peru with a good present in the Rayo Vallecano of Spain. | Capture Movistar Sports

without deserving it, Colombia lost to Peru by date 15 of the qualifiers. In the 40th minute of the second half, the Incas took the three points and the joy of soccer lovers in the country. A defeat that it complicates a lot the future of the Tricolor team facing Qatar 2022.

Colombia tried several times and all possible ways but the goal did not come. What’s more, the goal hasn’t come for 555 minutes. Five games without celebrating. You try, but you don’t play well and that’s why you don’t win. Despite the drive and determination to seek victory early on, there were not many scoring options.

The last goal converted was by Luis Díaz on September 9, 2021 against Chile in a 3-1 victory at home.

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Because of that weakness, that shortcoming, qualifying for Qatar 2022 is very complicated. Before the game against Argentina next Tuesday, Colombia is sixth in the table behind Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay and Peru. At the moment, he is out of the classified box.

“You have to score goals to win and we can’t do them”, were the words of Radamel Falcao García at the end of the game. The striker was the first to speak to the media.

In the absence of three games, to the selection It is separated by two points from the playoff zone and three of a direct quota to the world cup. On paper and in mathematics there are still possibilities to classify. But in these games getting a point costs blood.

“I like soccer seriously, not playing just to play. And in the South American qualifiers, football is serious. This is a well-known phrase by José Mourinho that today came back into force. These matches are won and lost at the last minute. Therefore, that the chances of the selection stay alive

Today in Barranquilla, Peru shot once on goal and won the match. Second victory in its history on Colombian soil by qualifying rounds. And he leaves our country in the fourth box.

Regarding the approach made by the rival, the Rayo Vallecano striker stated: “here is a very difficult scenario for all the teams. These are situations that teams implement. There are no excuses. We don’t put the ball in.”

These words of samarium were repeated by Pedro Gallese, a Peruvian archer. “I leave proud. It is difficult to play and win here. We showed that we are a good team, that runs and scores a lot. We become strong by enduring and we take advantage of the opportunities”.

There are three finals left to achieve the goal. The first is on Tuesday in Córdoba against Argentina. With today’s defeat, scoring points is mandatory. A defeat would not be the final elimination, but almost. Yerry Mina will not be able to play the game due to the accumulation of yellow cards.

In March it will be known who goes to the World Cup and who does not. Colombia will host Bolivia on Thursday, March 24, and will visit Venezuela on Tuesday, March 29.

Positions table:

1. Brazil | 36 points | +23

2. Argentina | 32 points | +15

3. Ecuador | 24 points | +10

4. Peru | 20 points | -4

5. Uruguay | 19 points | -6

6. Columbia | 17 points | -two

7.Chili | 16 points | -two

8.Bolivia | 15 points | -9

9. Paraguay | 13 points | -10

10. Venezuela | 10 points | -fifteen


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