Sports director Eberl leaves Borussia Mönchengladbach

Status: 01/28/2022 2:32 p.m

Sports director Max Eberl will leave Borussia Mönchengladbach with immediate effect after 23 years at the club. This was announced by Eberl and the club’s management at a press conference.

Gladbach’s sports director for over 13 years: Max Eberl.

Image: Marius Becker/dpa

There were first reports on Thursday, now it’s officially confirmed: sports director Max Eberl Borussia Monchengladbach left at his own request after 23 years with the club. This was announced by Eberl and the club’s management on Friday at a press conference scheduled at short notice. Eberl only extended his contract until the summer of 2026 at the end of 2020. The 48-year-old is leaving the club with immediate effect.

“I’m exhausted and tired and no longer have the strength to perform the position the way the club deserves,” said Eberl in tears. “After 23 years, I am ending something that was my life. During this time, I always enjoyed and enjoyed my work. But many things that happen around this work no longer make me friends. The strength is no longer there. It’s not about football right now, it’s about me right now. I’m grateful that the club gave me the opportunity to put an end to it.”

Steffen Korell takes over tasks for the time being

Borussia’s President Rolf Königs said: “The decisive conversation came at 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon. We respected that, we didn’t accept it. We’re sad,” said the 80-year-old. Vice President Rainer Bonhof confirmed that Steffen Korell, head of the scouting department, will take over Eberl’s tasks in the near future.

“I just want to get out, I just don’t want to have anything to do with football anymore,” added Eberl. “I want to see the world, I just want to be Max Eberl. That’s why I made this incredibly difficult decision at an incredibly unfortunate time.” Eberl also emphasized that he was not looking to move to another club. “Forget that real quick,” he said. “I’ll just be gone for a while and then we’ll see what the future brings.”

According to Königs, a successor to Eberl should be presented in the near future. “We won’t give ourselves much time. We’ve already mapped out the possibilities internally. We’ll look around externally,” he said. “We’re open. He should fit in with us professionally, factually and in terms of personality. That’s the top priority.”

Three times Champions League under Eberl

Eberl joined Borussia as a player in January 1999, and in October 2008 he took over the post of sports director after the “foals” had been promoted to the Bundesliga. As a result, with limited funds, he built up a Borussia that qualified for the Champions League three times.

But Gladbach is currently in a real sporting crisis. With coach Adi Hütter ripped off from Eintracht Frankfurt for 7.5 million euros and a largely cohesive squad that many Borussia fans see as the most talented in recent years, BMG is only in a disappointing twelfth place. Gladbach is only four points ahead of the direct relegation zone.

Embarrassing end in the DFB Cup

Borussia is also no longer represented in the DFB Cup. In the round of 16, the Bundesliga club lost to the second-rate club Hannover 96 with a shocking 0:3 away.

Previously, Gladbach had also had to announce the announcement of two top-class departures for the summer in Matthias Ginter and Denis Zakaria. In lengthy discussions with the stars, Eberl had demanded “clarity by the end of the year” regarding various speculation about changes. Ginter and Zakaria then decided against a future in Gladbach.

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