New evergreen caper: price increase stopped, customer must stay

Special right of termination due to price increase? A customer of the controversial low-cost electricity provider Immergrün would have liked to have noticed this.

So he tried to quit. And should then have been quite surprised in view of the answer.

“Price increase will be withdrawn”

“The price increase/tariff change last communicated to you was unintentional and will be withdrawn by us,” the Immergrün team wrote to him by e-mail. “Once the reason for the termination no longer applies, we will continue the delivery.”

The e-mail was sent to ZfK by the portal “” leaked. It is dated January 25th. The electricity provider left a ZfK inquiry with a request for a statement unanswered.

Oversight proceedings against periwinkle

Immergrün, a brand of the Rhenish Electricity and Gas Supply Company, has hit the headlines several times in recent months due to short-term contract terminations and drastic price and discount increases.

In November, the Federal Network Agency also initiated supervisory proceedings against the company – a process that is unprecedented in the current energy crisis. The suspicion: The company had increased the advance payments without these adjustments meeting the energy law requirements. (The ZfK reported.)

Banned from comparison portals

Furthermore, in December, the Regional Court of Cologne issued an injunction to declare the announcement and collection of increased advance payments without prior price information by Immergrün to be inadmissible. The consumer center NRW had complained. (The ZfK reported.)

The usual comparison portals have banned Immergrün. No new tariffs can currently be calculated on the company’s website either. In the present case, the customer pays 53 cents per kWh of electricity, which is above the industry average.

New trouble for Primastrom

Cheap provider Primastrom got new trouble on Thursday. The Hamburg consumer advice center warned the electricity provider “due to insufficient price and contract information”.

It refers to a letter dated December 28, 2021, in which Primastrom is said to have informed a customer about a price increase on January 1, 2022. According to the regulation, price increases must be announced at least six weeks in advance. (aba)

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