Marcelo Tinelli’s reaction when he found out that his daughter Micaela is going to live in Mexico with Lisandro López

Marcelo Tinelli and his daughter, Micaela, will have to keep in touch from a distance

“I am not going to answer all the questions, but basically they are all the same: Yes, I’m going to Mexico. Obvious!assured Micaela Tinelli in a video he shared on his Instagram account when he was asked about his future. It is that her boyfriend, the footballer Lisandro Lopez, was transferred to the Xolos club of Tijuana and she decided to accompany him and go live with him. When he announced it on his social networks, he did so expressing his happiness, looking at the camera, smiling and raising his arm and his fist, celebrating the new step they will take together as a couple.

He also dedicated a romantic post to her on his Instagram Stories.“You are the best”, he wrote and added, about the farewell post made by the former Boca Juniors player. “Hold on, Lychee. You gave everything and more! On and off the field. When people saw it, and also when they didn’t, you kept giving it all the same. Forever. You deserve all the best. Love you”.

Mica and Lisandro traveled to Punta del Este (Uruguay) to receive 2022 with the Tinelli family, after spending Christmas with López’s loved ones. And previously they had enjoyed a vacation in New York. After the break, the soccer player made himself available to Boca Juniors and negotiations began on his transfer to the Mexican club. And once the decision was made, he took a flight to sign his contract.

Micaela Tinelli and Lisandro López (@micatinelli)
Micaela Tinelli and Lisandro López (@micatinelli)

The fashion designer -who will continue working remotely for her Geneva brand- traveled from Punta del Este to Buenos Aires to say goodbye to her boyfriend and returned to Uruguay to enjoy a few days with her family, before packing her bags and organizing the definitive move to Mexico. From there who decided to express themselves through their social networks was Marcelo Tinelli, after learning that her eldest daughter was going to live abroad. He did it through his Instagram account: the player had expressed his happiness for his future projects and the host of ShowMatch He shared this post and dedicated a few words to it.

“I am very happy to be a Xolos player. Ready for a new challenge in the league. Thank you very much to the club for the treatment received and to all of you for the warmth and affection you gave me these days,” wrote Lisandro López, who posed with the shirt he will wear representing the Mexican club: number 4.

Marcelo Tinelli shared that publication in his Instagram stories – a social network in which he has almost nine million followers – and wished his son-in-law the best success: “Come on, Licha, damn it. We become fans of Xolos in this house. Break it, darling.”

And the player thanked his father-in-law for his gesture with another special message: “Thank you very much, Marce, dear. I hope to see you soon. I send you a big hug”.

On the other hand, the Tinelli clan also commented on the publication to Licha López. His girlfriend was one of the first, “Vamo’ Lichi”, celebrated who is preparing to travel to Mexico in the next few days to meet up with the soccer player and settle there. “Let’s go baby,” he added Candelaria Tinelli along with the three flame emoji. Y Francis Tinelli He joined the greetings to his brother-in-law: “Let’s go with everything, Licha dear.”

Marcelo Tinelli's message to Licha López
Marcelo Tinelli’s message to Licha López


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