LG Electronics reorganizes labor-management council

▲ Correspondent Jeong Ki-hoon

LG Electronics accepts the administrative guidance of the Ministry of Employment and Labor and forms a labor-management council again.

As a result of coverage by on the 27th, LG Electronics’ labor and management recently agreed to set up a preparatory committee to form a new labor-management council. We will discuss how to configure it in February.

The Seoul Southern Branch of the Seoul Regional Employment and Labor Office gave administrative guidance to LG Electronics on the 3rd of this month, saying, “Elect the members of the labor-management council in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Worker Participation and Cooperation (the Worker Participation Act).” The Seoul Southern District Office said, “Even in cases where members are elected by work department as an exception to the law, the members must be elected through direct, secret, and secret ballot by workers in each work department.” According to the enforcement decree of the Act, workers at workplaces where a majority of workers are not unionized must be elected by workers directly, secretly, or by secret ballot.

Immediately after the administrative guidance, LG Electronics’ people-centered office worker union and LG Electronics communicated through an official letter and decided to re-establish the labor-management council. LG Electronics said, “We will improve the operation method (labor-management council) by respecting the administrative guidance of the Ministry of Labor.”

The method of selecting workers’ members and the unit of establishment of the labor-management council are likely to be issues. The Seoul Southern District Office ordered, “The labor-management council, which is currently being installed separately for each type of occupation, should be established as a unit of business or workplace that has the right to determine working conditions or to be integrated according to the Workers Participation Act.”

LG Electronics’ people-oriented office workers’ union said to the company, “We will promote the establishment of a labor-management council jointly, but the workers’ members will be elected by the workers, so the company should support all kinds of work.” A union official said, “We are going to discuss what should be done, including the opinions of other unions and those who have not joined the union, rather than the union alone.” The LG Electronics branch of the metallurgical union made up of skilled workers argued that “the branch should also participate in the discussion of forming a new labor-management council.”

In the case of the LG Electronics Labor-Management Council for Skilled Workers, the LG Electronics Labor Union, the representative bargaining union, appoints worker members. Although the number of union members in LG Electronics does not constitute a majority of all employees, it is a majority when compared only with the number of technical positions. The branch has criticized, saying, “Union that is not organized by a majority is given the qualifications of workers’ members of the labor-management council to represent technical positions unilaterally.”


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