Labor organization “Support for Lee Jae-myung’s basic society”

▲ Basic Social Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea

On the 27th, the Basic Social Committee (co-chairs Woo Won-shik and Kang Nam-hoon) of the Democratic Party’s election committee announced that “the labor community, professional groups, and entertainment groups supported Lee Jae-myung for the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate” on the 27th.

In the morning of the same day, at the National Assembly Hall, a million labor with the people (CEO Kang Seung-gyu), the Youth Labor Advisors for Eul (representative Kim Jong-seong, Kim Chul-woo), and the Celebrity Rights Protection Coalition (Chairman Kang Su-kyung) publicly supported this candidate. One Million Labor, composed of former and current union activists, said, “I hope that the candidate who can realize the task of the times, a society in which labor is respected, wins.” We will act together.”

The Youth Labor Lawyers Association said, “The idea of ​​Candidate Lee to draw up and practice social consensus on basic rights such as basic jobs, basic education, and basic medical care for the realization of a basic society is consistent with the purpose of our meeting.” As the MZ generation is threatened with their basic rights due to poor working conditions and unfair treatment, we expect this candidate to be able to solve these problems.”

The Celebrity Rights Protection Coalition, which consists of 5 organizations related to the arts and entertainment industry and 1,500 members, said, “If a basic income is provided to culture and artists, more creative work will be possible.” It is expected that this will greatly improve the quality of life.”

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