Federal Network Agency stopped selling millions of products

Status: 01/28/2022 1:14 p.m

The Federal Network Agency stopped the sale of almost 23 million banned products last year – a sharp increase compared to 2020. Online trading is particularly affected.

The Federal Network Agency blocked the sale of almost 23 million banned products in 2021. Among them were 7.7 million wireless headphones that were illegally working on frequencies reserved for security-related services such as the police or fire brigade, as the supervisory authority announced today.

Millions of extremely cheap measuring devices and remote-controlled drones were also banned from sale. Here, the network agency often criticized the lack of CE markings or the lack of contact details for the provider.

The Federal Network Agency identifies prohibited products in online and retail stores, in cooperation with customs and in test purchases, according to the statement. In 2020, the lockdowns had still affected 21 million products.

“Important contribution to consumer protection”

“The Federal Network Agency takes consistent action against non-compliant products and prevents them from being offered on the German market,” said the President of the supervisory authority, Jochen Homann. In this way, the Federal Network Agency makes an important contribution to consumer protection.

The lion’s share of the bans affected online retail. Here, the authority identified a total of 1936 products that did not meet the European requirements. They have been banned by the platform operators. This affected 21.4 million individual devices. Online dealers, who offer their products in millions of units, have been the focus of investigators for years, as many of their products have security gaps.

cooperation with customs

Due to controls in the German retail sector, the network agency issued 23 further sales bans and called for the correction of defects in a further 1095 cases. It was often about LED lighting and power supplies. Customs, with which the Federal Network Agency works to stop non-compliant products at the European external border, reported around 6,500 suspicious shipments to the Federal Network Agency last year. In around 91 percent of the cases, the products were not released for the German market because there were clear defects. A total of around 320,000 products were affected.

The Federal Network Agency recommends that consumers only order online from reputable and well-known sources. You should find out more about the provider beforehand, for example from the consumer advice center. The price could also give an indication: It should be plausible in comparison to competitors, is a tip from the authority for online orders.


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