Cheers to handwriting

Whether calligraphy or scribbling, with pencil or digital pen, even in the age of tablets, smartphones and voice notes, it is worth celebrating and promoting handwriting. Why? Because our brain benefits from it in many ways.

The Effect of Writing

Today we know that there is a connection between writing, thinking, creativity and the neural activity of our brain: “Writing and drawing by hand is a basic skill for many things, and language succeeds above all through highly complex, fine motor skills with the hand,” says Stephanie Ingrid Müller, art and media teacher from the Mediastep Institute in Nuremberg. Not only does writing make you smart, it also helps reduce stress and calms the brain while stimulating our memory and keeping the mind young. Ultimately, handwriting is capable of one thing in particular: conveying emotions. Nothing is as personal, authentic and individual as you.

Handwriting Day

January 23rd is International Handwriting Day. Since 1977, under the patronage of the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA), the influence of handwritten writing on our everyday lives has been recognized worldwide. The Faber-Castell company has fully “committed itself” to the Day of Handwriting on various channels: only handwritten items were posted on social media, and this also applied to the comments from the community. An intranet contest awarded prizes for the most beautiful letter written by employees worldwide, and there was a sample of CEO Stefan Leitz’s handwriting on LinkedIn. With the day of action, Faber-Castell tried to raise awareness, both internally and externally, of the advantages of analogue writing and to encourage people to integrate it into everyday routines, both privately and professionally: write down the next shopping list with a pen, send a card for your birthday Instead of a WhatsApp, leave a Post-it on the PC for the colleague instead of typing an e-mail. Incidentally, in some areas of the company at Faber-Castell it has always been customary to express special appreciation with a personal gesture: In the Customer Care team, for example, B. Package insert handwritten. More background stories and information at:

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