Avelino Guillén resigned from the position of Minister of the Interior

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The Minister of the Interior, Avelino Guillen, would have resigned from the position he holds to this day for differences he maintains with the high command of the National Police that have caused a severe crisis within the portfolio he directs. In addition, another of the reasons would be the lack of pronouncement of the president peter castle regarding the list of changes in the PNP that he had presented two weeks ago.

According to the Peru21 newspaper, the former prosecutor presented his resignation letter to Castillo Terrones, prior to his trip to the interior of the country.

This resignation comes in the midst of an emergency declaration released last Wednesday, January 26.

About Avelino Guillén also weighed an interpellation before the Congress of the Republic so that he answers the questions about the sector he leads.

Guillén had to answer 70 questions, which are segmented into citizen insecurity, the appointment of prefects, his relationship with the current Commander General of the Police, Javier Gallardo, and progress in the search for fugitives for the Dynamics of the Center case.


Since mid-November, the internal dispute between the head of the National Police and the Minister of the Interior, Avelino Guillén, brought disputes and disorder within the institution, since newly promoted generals do not yet know which units they will go to because the resolution with the designations for 2022 has not yet been published.

The Commander General of the PNP, Javier Gallardo, has presented on several occasions a list to the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter) with the positions that, in his opinion, the institution’s generals should assume this year, including insisting on proposing PNP General Nicasio Zapata Suclupe no longer as head of the Money Laundering Directorate, but rather the Anti-Corruption Directorate, but on all occasions these were rejected by Guillén.

At that time, El Comercio indicated that the presentation of this list of Gallardo It was taken as a defiant attitude by Minister Guillén, who opposes the appointments because he does not have the support of the police command and the replacements have not been supported.

Even in statements to the press, Guillén indicated that the changes in the PNP continue their course and it will be the President Castillo who makes the decision, which could lead to his departure from the Ministry of the Interior if the president does not support the list that he will suggest about the appointments that should be within the National Police.


Several weeks have passed since this conflict between Guillén and Gallardo reached the ears of President Pedro Castillo, but he has not made any statement on the matter so far. However, relatives indicate the good relationship that the head of the PNP has with the president and for this reason he would have ruled out the suggestions of the Minister of the Interior.


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