With the endorsement of Carrió, the Civic Coalition denounced to the OAS the attack by the Government and Cristina Kirchner to the Supreme Court

Elisa Carrió with the president of the Civic Coalition, Maximiliano Ferraro. (Maximilian Moon)

With the endorsement of Elisa Carrió, the deputies that make up the Civic Coalition block in the Lower House denounced the government of Alberto Fernández and sectors aligned with Vice President Cristina Kirchner before the Organization of American States for the attack against the Judiciary and the march convened for next week against the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice. In the letter, to which he had access Infobae, the legislators proposed to the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, a series of episodes that would configure “violations of essential elements of representative democracy, more specifically the separation and independence of public powers.”

“We went to the Organization of American States. once again and we ask you to consider this presentation formulated in the terms and with the scope of the Democratic Charter. The assistance from the OAS that we request is the same as that made in the letters dated June 11, 2020 and September 17, 2020, for the purpose of monitoring the situation that we denounced in order for that monitoring to preserve democratic institutions in Argentina and avoid greater risks in its political process”, states in its conclusion the letter sent to the diplomat.

The bloc of deputies of the Civic Coalition sent a letter to Luis Almagro to denounce the Government's attack on Justice.
The bloc of deputies of the Civic Coalition sent a letter to Luis Almagro to denounce the Government’s attack on Justice.

The main episode denounced by the Civic Coalition was the march called for next February 1 against the judges of the highest court. “To the constant declarations of the Vice President of the Nation against the functioning of Justice in general, and of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and its members, in particular, is now added the call for a march against the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation promoted by political leaders, judicial officials related to the Executive Power and high-ranking public officials of the national government”, warns the letter.

And the legislators emphasize that “under the slogan 1F We March to Court, political, social and trade union leaders called for a march in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. One of the first to express the reason for the march was the leader Luis D’Elía – who at some point said that he was the unofficial spokesman for Néstor Kirchner and who expressed what he could not say.

“D’Elía stated that it was not he who organized the march, but that it was organized by federal judge Juan María Ramos Padilla and other judicial officials related to Kirchnerism,” the letter highlighted.

Luis D'Elía's tweet calling for the march against the judges of the Court
Luis D’Elía’s tweet calling for the march against the judges of the Court

The letter, which, as far as he could tell, was endorsed by Carrió, was signed by deputies Juan Manuel López, president of the Civic Coalition bloc, Maximiliano Ferraro, Mónica Frade, Rubén Manzi, Leonor Villada, Paula Oliveto, Mariana Stilman, Mariana Zuvic, Victoria Borrego, Marcela Campagnoli and Carolina Castets.

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