The complementary stage is already played! Estoril beats Arouca 1-0

The second half began at the António Coimbra da Mota stadium and Estoril is beating Arouca 1-0.

Both teams arrive at the meeting with the intention of recovering after losing their chance to climb the standings the previous day.

Estoril does not want to regret another fall: 1 to 3 ended its match against Vitória Guimarães. In the previous 4 days, their results were varied: they have won 1 match, lost 2 and 1 was a draw.

Arouca comes from losing in his stadium against Benfica by 0 to 2. In his last matches he had 3 defeats and 1 draw.

The local team is in seventh place with 25 points and 6 wins, while the visitor reached 14 points and is in seventeenth place in the tournament.

Manuel Rodrigues Oliveira was in charge of supervising the order of play during the match.

Likely formation of Estoril today

The team led by Bruno Nogueira Pinheiro poses its game with a 4-5-1 formation with Thiago in goal; Joãozinho, Patrick William, Bernardo Vital and Carles Soria in defense; Romário Baró, Loreintz Rosier, Arthur Gomes, André Franco and Bruno Lourenço in the middle; and Rui Fonte up front.

Probable formation of Arouca today

For their part, those led by Armando Macedo Freitas stand on the court with a 4-3-3 strategy with Victor Braga under the three sticks; Thales, João Basso, Abdoulaye Ba, Quaresma in defense; Pedro Moreira, Eboue Kouassi and David Simão in midfield; and André Bukia, André Silva and Arsénio Nunes up front.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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