Schedules and TV channel to see LIVE the qualifying matches and the results

All the matches of date 15 of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

Ecuador vs. Brazil They face each other in the first match on the date 15 of the Qatar 2022 Qualifying at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium in Quito. Those led by Gustavo Alfaro are looking for a direct ticket to the World Cup while the ‘canarinha’ has already qualified.

With Brazil and Argentina already classified and Ecuador One step away from Qatar, South America will define these last dates which teams from this side of the world will go to the Qatar-2022 World Cup. Today the date 15 begins with infarct matches and that can change the leaderboard positions.

Four days before the end of the World Cup and with two and a half places in dispute, the positions show Brazil leading and classified with 35 points, followed by Argentina, also with its ticket to Qatar in its pocket with 29 points.

further back comes Ecuador with 23 units, which can ensure its qualification for the World Cup on this double date, followed by Colombia (17), Peru (17), Chile (16), Uruguay (16), Bolivia (15), Paraguay (13), all of them with chances of qualifying, and the already eliminated Venezuela bottom with 7 units.

The fifteenth date will start at 2,850 meters of altitude in Quito at 4:00 pm where Ecuador will host undefeated Brazil in search of a triumph that -depending on the other results of the day- could already deposit him in the World Cup.

In case of not achieving the objective on this date, the tricolor of Argentine Gustavo Alfaro will have the difficult task of getting a good result when they visit Peru in Lima on Tuesday, February 1.

Later, from 6:00 pm in Asunción, Paraguay will receive Uruguay in a final for both, especially for the Guarani who will have to add the twelve points that remain to be played in order to reach Qatar.

La Celeste, with 16 points, also comes with the rope around their neck after five games without winning in the qualifying round -four defeats and one draw- and needs to add at least one unit to continue dreaming of the World Cup.

In the last game on Thursday, Chile, in the same situation as Uruguay, will receive the already qualified Argentina without Leo Messi in Calama, seeking to take advantage of the 2,400 meters of altitude of this city located in the Atacama desert. Five days later, La Roja will have to climb to 3,600 meters above sea level in La Paz to face Bolivia.


The Altiplano team, for its part, will visit the eliminated Venezuela, in which the Argentine veteran Néstor Pekerman will make his debut as coach, on Friday in Caracas in the last game of the fifteenth date.

Two hours before, in hot Barranquilla, Colombia and Peru play a final in which the eventual winner will establish himself in fourth place in the table and will see Qatar getting closer.


– Pts J G E P Gf Gc Dif

1. Brazil * 35 13 11 2 0 27 4 23 qualified

2. Argentina * 29 13 8 5 0 20 6 14 qualified

3. Ecuador 23 14 7 2 5 23 13 10

4. Colombia 17 14 3 8 3 16 17 -1

5. Peru 17 14 5 2 7 15 20 -5

6. Chile 16 14 4 4 6 15 16 -1

7. Uruguay 16 14 4 4 6 14 21 -7

8. Bolivia 15 13 4 3 7 20 28 -8

9. Paraguay 13 14 2 7 5 9 18 -9

10. Venezuela 7 14 2 1 11 9 25 -16

Qatar 2022 Qualifying Position Table
Qatar 2022 Qualifying Position Table



Thursday, January 27

– Ecuador vs. Brazil / 4:00 pm / Movistar Sports (Channel 3)
– Paraguay vs. Uruguay / 6:00 pm / Movistar Plus (Channel 6)
– Chile vs. Argentina / 7:15 pm / Movistar Deportes (Channel 3)

Friday January 28

– Peru vs. Colombia / 4:00 pm / Movistar Deportes (Channel 3)

– Venezuela vs Bolivia / 5:00 p.m. / Movistar Plus (Canal 6)


The next date 16 will be played on Tuesday, February 1

In La Paz: Bolivia – Chile

In Montevideo: Uruguay – Venezuela

In Cordoba: Argentina – Colombia

In Belo Horizonte: Brazil – Paraguay

In Lima: Peru – Ecuador.


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In addition, Movistar has other ‘sister’ channels where you can also enjoy all the Qualifying matches LIVE. These are:

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– Movistar Events: Channel 11 and Channel 15 / HD 711 and 715

– GOLPERU: Canal 14 / HD 714


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