National Assembly postponed examination deadline for Nursing Human Rights Act, “comfortable response”

– The National Assembly petition for consent to enact a law to improve the human rights of nursing personnel (the Nursing Personnel Human Rights Act) that legislates the number of patients per nurse achieved the target of 100,000 in October last year. There is still a long way to go before passing the threshold of the National Assembly.

– In a statement on the 26th, the Medical Solidarity Headquarters of the Public Transport Workers’ Union said in a statement, “Although the Nursing Personnel Human Rights Act has achieved 100,000 petitions, the National Assembly has notified that the review deadline has been postponed until March 20.” “I am furious at the National Assembly’s negligent delay of the review deadline in a situation that continues to aggravate difficulties,” he said.

– The key to the Nursing Human Rights Act is to legislate the minimum number of patients per nursing staff to set the minimum staffing standards for nurses and nursing assistants. It made it mandatory for the head of each medical institution to abide by the minimum staffing standards for nursing personnel, and also specified penalties for violations.

– The headquarters said, “The ruling party occupies the majority of the Health and Welfare Committee, and presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung has to act responsibly as he has promised to deploy nurses appropriately. We cannot delay the discussion of the Nursing Personnel Human Rights Act any longer,” he pointed out.

– In the policy questionnaire sent by headquarters earlier, Candidate Jae-myung Lee and Cheol-su Ahn of the People’s Party ‘partially agreed’ on the legislation of the number of patients per nurse, candidate Yoon Seok-yeol ‘no response’, and Justice Party candidate Shim Sang-jung and Progressive Party candidate Kim Jae-yeon ‘agree’. there is.

“Election candidates, listen to the voices of vulnerable workers”

– Even though there is an urgent need to improve the system related to workers from vulnerable groups such as the disabled, women, youth, and migrant workers, there are high voices of criticism for not having a labor policy in the promises of the presidential candidates.

– The Solidarity for Participation, together with the part-time union, the Solidarity for Migrant Workers, the National Women’s Union, the National Solidarity for the Elimination of Discrimination against the Disabled, the Youth Union, and the Korea Irregular Labor Center, held the ‘Missing Labor Promise! Presidential candidates hold a press conference under the theme of ‘Listen to the Voice of Vulnerable Workers’. The press conference will be broadcast live together on YouTube.

– The Solidarity for Participation said, “The 20th presidential election is an important opportunity to once again bring to the public the issue of vulnerable workers that our society is facing. pointed out.

– He pointed out that it is difficult to expect a promise to guarantee the rights and interests of workers from the underprivileged even in the full-fledged election phase.

– I hope that the presidential candidates will take into account the remarks of migrant workers, disabled, female workers, and young workers on this day and suggest policies for workers who are in the blind spot of the law. Shouldn’t the workers be able to see and choose the candidate’s policies?

Occupational Health Association delivered recycled laptops to Gimpo Children’s Center

– It is said that the Korea Occupational Health Association held an event to share the regenerated PC of love on the 26th.

– In order to increase the learning rights of underprivileged children in the Gimpo area, 20 PCs were donated.

– Together with the Korea Labor Welfare Center, the association delivered a recycled laptop to the Gimpo Regional Children’s Center Association. They plan to install one at each of 20 children’s centers and use it for educational purposes.

– The recycled PC business is a social contribution activity that inspects, upgrades, and distributes expired PCs.

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