Moderna starts clinical trial of Omicron vaccine

Status: 01/27/2022 03:04 a.m

Moderna has announced that the manufacturer has started testing its omicron-specific vaccine in a clinical trial. BioNTech and Pfizer had previously announced such a step.

The manufacturer Moderna has started its first clinical study to investigate a corona vaccine specially tailored to the omicron variant. A total of 600 volunteers – some with two or three injections – would take part at 24 locations in the United States, Moderna said.

The resistance of the antibodies with the normal booster vaccination is optimistic, said Moderna boss Stéphane Bancel. “Nevertheless, given the long-term threat of the so-called Omicron immune escape, we continue to advance our Omicron-specific vaccine candidate.”

BioNTech and Pfizer are also testing the Omicron vaccine

Recently, BioNTech and Pfizer also announced the testing of their vaccine candidate against Omikron. Safety, tolerability and effectiveness are to be checked, as the two companies announced on Tuesday. The study will include up to 1,420 test subjects, who will be divided into three groups.

Meanwhile, the specialist journal “New England Journal of Medicine” published an investigation into the effectiveness of Moderna’s previously approved booster against the omicron variant. Accordingly, the antibody level against the highly contagious mutation of the coronavirus is 20 times higher one month after the third injection than after the second – but it decreases significantly in the months that follow.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach tweeted: “The study shows that the Moderna booster vaccine massively reduces the risk of infection with Omicron. This is exactly the booster vaccine that we are currently offering in Germany alongside Biontech.”

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