Commentary: Johnson’s faction should finally overthrow him


As of: 01/27/2022 3:56 p.m

Despite internal investigations and even police investigations into Downing Street lockdown parties, the British Prime Minister is still in office. It’s time Johnson’s faction dumped him.

A commentary by Gabi Biesinger, ARD Studio London

The tighter things get for him, the more British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in top form. You have to acknowledge that it is a special gift to be so consistent and ruthless in ignoring or downplaying all the scandals that have been piling up around you for months.

Gabi Biesinger
ARD-Studio London

There was a tiny moment of staged contrition when it emerged that the night before Prince Philip’s funeral, there were parties in the basement of 10 Downing Street with DJs and suitcases of alcohol, and Johnson had to apologize to the Queen. But since then the prime minister has been back in full attack mode.

Police are now investigating whether corona regulations were broken in his own home. Great, affirms Johnson, transparency is extremely important. He only admits as much as has just been revealed: new parties, new photos, new e-mails.

A prime minister who only values ​​his power

In the end, it’s not about a piece of birthday cake here or a glass of wine there. Beyond Partygate, Johnson offers the big picture of a prime minister who holds nothing sacred but his own power. Who has no moral guide and who lies out as he pleases. Who fooled the population struggling through the Corona lockdown while Downing Street was partying.

For weeks, explosive political issues such as the Northern Ireland question with the EU, the crisis over the high cost of living in the country, the new controversial immigration law or the Ukraine crisis have not received the attention they deserve – because the conservative ruling party is busy supporting its stumbling prime minister.

The UK needs a liberation and a fresh start. Since Johnson will not go voluntarily, the Conservative faction must finally overthrow him. And better today than tomorrow.

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Commentary: Boris Johnson has to go

Gabi Biesinger, SWR London, 27.1.2022 · 14:36

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