Bad Bunny Peru 2022 concert: how to buy discount tickets Interbank

Bad Bunny concert prices: how much do tickets cost and where do I buy them

Everyone wants to see the ‘Bad Rabbit’. Peruvians are attentive to the publication of the bad bunny concert on the official page of teleticket, platform that will start the pre-sale this January 28 for the show of the interpreter of “Dákiti”, “Yonaguni”, “I’m worse”, “Vete”, among others.

This event will mark the great return of the Puerto Rican to our country. The date of the concert has been confirmed for the November 13 at the National Stadium in Lima. He joins other international artists who have confirmed their concerts in our country, such as Harry Styles, Coldplay, Kiss, Louis Tomlinson, among others.

If you don’t want to be left without a ticket for the concert of Bad Bunny en el World’s Hottest Tour 2022, we share the important information you need to know to make a safe purchase. It should be noted that there are two important dates to access tickets. The first is the exclusive pre-sale for users with an Interbank card, who receive a 15% discount, this January 28. The second is on January 30 with access to the normal price without discount.


If you are interested in purchasing a ticket for the ‘Bad Rabbit’ show, these are the steps you must follow if you want to access the discount offered to all those who have a interbank card.

It should be noted that the presale is exclusive only for those who are users of this bank. Those who do not have the card must wait until January 30 to purchase tickets.


– Enter the teleticket website or doing click here.

– You must create a user account with a password to be able to enter the events and choose the type of ticket you want. (Your personal information and email will be requested).

– By confirming your registration you will return to the main page where you will see the complete list of the events offered. Select the one of your preference.

– The next step is to click on “Buy”. On the screen you will see the available options: normal rate or discount with Interbank. We will select the latter.

– Before continuing with the purchase you will have to enter the first 6 digits of the card. When finished, click on “Continue”.

– The next steps are to select your seats and the area where you want to be > reserve a seat > buy.

– You will be directed to the type of shipment where you are presented with the ticket options that you can receive. Being an online purchase, the one that corresponds to you is the E-TICKET (You can go directly to the event presenting it virtually or you can take it printed).

What is the E-TICKET? Like a traditional ticket, it has the buyer’s information regarding the event they are going to attend. It has a control and security system for access, which will also prevent more than one person from entering with the same ticket if duplicates are generated, allowing entry only to the first registered person.

– We click on “Continue” and we arrive at the payment part where we will make the purchase online. Regardless of any payment method you use, these Internet platforms usually have a secure zone seal, so your data will not be exposed.

On the screen you will see the final amount to pay for your entry, in this case, with the discount offered by the Interbank card.

– Finally, we complete the requested information and the purchase would already be made. You will immediately have access to the digital ticket, which you can keep on your cell phone or print it to show on the day of the concert.


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