Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral: the details of their relationship

Anuel AA and Yailin, the most viral. Photo: Instagram @anuel and @yailinlamasviralreal

In the field of the music industry – talking about recent years – the couple that made up Anuel AA (Puerto Rican urban singer) and Karol G (Colombian urban singer) was one of those who could be defined as megapopular, all the time they appeared here and there among the media. However, their courtship led to an end point, which they communicated in April 2021. Currently, as far as the urban singer is concerned, he has already started a new sentimental story, this time with Yailin La Más Viral, Dominican who also performs artistically as an urban singer.

In view of this new courtship that Anuel AA was painted in the panorama, in addition to everything he has published on social networks with his new partner that shows how apparently very much in love he feels, of course, the curiosity and interest around the first approaches of the urban singers, at what moment they finalized their relationship as a courtship and others, it has increased.

Logically, among the most prominent questions about this relationship, is how they met. According to international media such as Mag (El Comercio de Perú), The first time that Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral would have seen each other face to face was in the last months of 2021 when the proposal to develop a musical collaboration sounded. Subsequently, all the focus was put on them talking about a possible romance when they were seen in a nightclub in the Dominican Republic, which happened in the first days of that year.

But in less than a rooster sings – as they say colloquially – it went from rumors about a relationship to confirmation of it. Both the Puerto Rican and the Dominican began to post videos together on their respective social networks. Even on Saturday, January 22, the interpreter of ’23 questions’ shared a video in which he is seen kissing his partner. Everything was said, they were already boyfriends, it was already official.

During this time it was also known that it was the urban singer who had the initiative to approach and meet Yailin ‘the most viral’. In a video for TikTok, the couple made one of the many existing ‘tags’ for the couple to answer, this time – for example – they sounded a questionnaire that contains questions such as: “who was interested first?, who gave the first kiss? Who is taller? Who is older? Who said I love you first?” and Anuel AA was the answer to all these questions.

Anuel AA and his new girlfriend reveal details of their relationship

This is the new news about the couple. On Wednesday, January 26, the Dominican published a video that portrays Anuel putting a ring on him: “That padlock has no key, at the point of a bullet they have to open that padlock, at the point of a bullet”, are the words that the reggaeton player releases during the scene.

Next, Yailin herself is the one who includes the word wedding: “Engaged already. There is a wedding, gentlemen”. This is all that they have communicated, so far these hours have not expanded the information on the apparent new state of their sentimental history.

In an Instragam video, Yailin revealed through a video on her Instagram the engagement ring with her fiancé, singer Anuel AA.

Needless to say, Jorgina Guillermo Díaz (Yailin’s first name) is currently 19 years old. If you talk about his musical repertoire, there are songs like ‘Chivirika’, a collaborative song with El Villano RD; in addition to individual themes such as ‘Depósito de leche’.


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