Ahn Cheol-soo, “When the 586 political forces are announced to leave the group”

▲ File photo of the People’s Party

Regarding the winds of personal renewal and political change that began with the Democratic Party of Korea and presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, presidential candidate Ahn Cheol-soo of the People’s Party argued on the 27th that “without the collective exit of the 586 political forces, there will be no effect on the political innovation of the vested interests.”

At the election committee held at the National Assembly on the morning of the same day, Democratic Party leader Song Young-gil suggested that he did not run for the next general election on the 25th, and in the second general election on the 25th, Ahn proposed a re-election, expulsion of three people including Rep. Regarding this, he said, “I think it was urgent.”

He said, “The core that has made our politics this way is the outdated 586 activist politicians,” he said. “The time has come for the political forces of the 586 movement to boldly announce their group exit,” he ordered.

Candidate Ahn pointed out that “political reform must also be ensured. He asked, “Does it matter if you move to the next neighborhood and challenge the fourth term and get elected?” He argued, “In order to be effective in reform, change to a ban on three lines (excess) in the same area.”

Despite the People’s Power, “It is very natural that a party with a cause attributable to the by-election for the National Assembly held along with the March 9 presidential election does not nominate candidates. do,” he urged. “Now is the best time to discuss political reform,” he said.

Bae Jin-kyo, floor leader of the Justice Party, also issued a statement on the same day, saying, “I will return the words that the people’s power did when the Democrats nominated Busan and Seoul mayors.” I apologize for not doing it,” he urged.

Meanwhile, the Special Ethics Committee of the National Assembly held a plenary session at the National Assembly on the morning of the same day, and proposed disciplinary measures against independent lawmakers Yoon Mi-hyang and Lee Sang-jik, and People’s Power Park Deok-heum and Seong Il-jong, and began deliberation.


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