10 easy ways to take care of the planet from home

10 easy ways to take care of the planet from home. (Photo: Capture)

Take care of environment It is one of the phrases that we hear most frequently and in many of us we tend to think that doing it requires a lot of effort, but today it is not like that. Here we will show you 10 ways to take care of the planet in a simple way and from home.

Even if you don’t believe the impact that you can generate with daily activities, which even go unnoticed because we always do them, it could mean a great contribution to the planet, it’s just a matter of knowing exactly what to do and apply it. Believe us, it will not take you time and they will mean great savings for you and your family.


Next we show you the forms and the detail of each one, write them down.

1. Delete emails. This very simple measure helps save up to 220 watts. Saving this energy reduces the rate of global warming. Another fact that you should know is that 65 emails are approximately equivalent to driving 1 km by car. Remember that the more data you have accumulated, the more energy you will need.

2. Use returnable packaging. Using this type of packaging reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50% and saves 40% in the use of raw materials. When you go to a winery ask for your drinks in this type of container.

3. Drink water in a tomatodo. Plastic bottles are one of the objects that have generated the most pollution. These bottles take around 500 years to decompose. There are few companies that have a biodegradable container, but even so it is better to get into the habit of drinking water in your own tomatodo, so we generate less pollution.

4. Buy foods that are in season and from your region. Peru is a country with a great diversity of food. By consuming food from the region in which we live, it will be avoided that the food travels several hours in a truck. Eating what Peru produces generates a great economic impact

5. Separate solid waste. Separate organic waste from general waste and hazardous waste. Some examples of organic waste are the peel of fruits and vegetables, eggs or eggshells, herbs, among others.

6. Be aware of the use of water. This resource is limited in almost the entire world and is becoming more and more depleted. That is why you should shower for a maximum of 5 minutes and not let the water run while we wash our faces, brush, among other activities that require clean fresh water.

7. Reduce power consumption. With the appearance of COVID-19, many people use their electronic equipment for a longer time. That is why you must comply with your work hours and as for the spotlights, these must be mostly LED.

8. Get around by public transport or bicycles. By using bicycles, public transport or walking, you will greatly reduce heating and motivate more people to join.

9. Keep the refrigerator closed. When we open the refrigerator and we forget something, we leave it open, but this should not be the case because the energy consumed by this device is very high.

10. Use devices with solar panel. Renewable energy helps reduce environmental pollutants, which is why we can now find devices such as lights, calculators, flashlights and more that work with batteries and solar panels.


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