Wilken: New additional module for insolvency management

Almost 40 energy suppliers had to file for bankruptcy in 2021 due to the sharp rise in energy prices or stopped supplying them. And this development will continue unabated in the new year. This entails considerable additional work for the energy suppliers in process management. The Wilken Software Group has therefore developed an additional module for its industry solution Wilken Energy, with which insolvencies can be managed efficiently.

Numerous processes in insolvency management could be automated with it. The module is already being used by the first Wilken users.

The additional module can do that

Within the framework of network usage processing, the various insolvency cases such as provisional and actual insolvency including the processing of advance payments, but also the termination and balancing group closure can be mapped. Insolvency administrators can therefore be managed at the respective supplier and a large number of sales processes including advance payments and accrual of receivables are also supported.

If a balancing group closure process or a termination of the supplier framework contract is carried out on the key date, the supply contracts are terminated and the customers are prepared for the replacement or basic supply, including the EoG registration, explained Wilken.

The individual business transactions are mapped in ENER:GY as processes that are configured using parameters. Since the processing of different insolvency cases can be very different, the parameters can be defined supplier-specifically and the process sequence can be modified accordingly. (sg)


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