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▲ Byung-gil Bae, a standing activist at the Korea Irregular Labor Center

I have a friend who dreams of becoming a photographer. I worked as a delivery worker for about a year. It was to earn extra money while earning living expenses. It’s nice to be able to work as much as I want, whenever I want. In my spare time, I took pictures. As he gradually increased his money from photography, he shortened his delivery days.

The work seemed hard. After I started delivery, I could see that I had lost weight. The skin also became rough. I drove 10 to 12 hours a day at most in the cold wind, so it must have been like that. Even on snowy and rainy days, he worked at risk. They said there would be an extra delivery charge. He worked, skipping lunch, dinner and meals. They said there would be an extra delivery fee.

One day, while having a drink, a friend complained. The car next to him almost collided while changing lanes. Then he added that he often witnesses the accident scene while delivering, and that he doesn’t know when it will become my job. For him, traffic accidents were not a number in statistics, but a reality in front of him.

My friend drank makgeolli with a red face. Hearing his story right before the accident, I felt vividly that he was alive. Paradoxically, it is said that when we face death, we become closer to life. It was just that moment.

I thought about my friend’s labor. For me, delivery had only a beginning and an end. make food get food The delivery process was nothing more than a free waiting time. However, listening to the story of a friend who almost had an accident, he saw a new road he would have traveled on a motorcycle.

The world the platform draws is smooth. With just a few clicks, the desires between people are connected in real time. Points and points on the map are connected by lines. Delivery workers move along that line. Cold and heat, noise and smoke, and terrible accidents are lined up on the line. but it doesn’t show up well. The platform abstracts people and things like a point on coordinates and drawing a line. Therefore, the distance traveled by the worker is calculated based on the straight-line distance, not the actual distance traveled.

The presence of delivery workers in the platform fades. They are called sole proprietors, not workers. Even after years of struggle and hard work to be recognized as a worker, problems still remain. The user runs away saying he is not the user. The law grasps the worker in relation. relationship with the user. The reality is that unless you are recognized by your employer, you cannot become a worker.

Delivery workers do not know how they are given work and how compensation is set. The same applies to work orders, evaluations, and disciplinary actions. This is because you do not have permission to access the algorithm. Information should be provided so that workers can understand the entire labor process and claim legitimate rights. You need to know to express it. It must be expressed in order to exist fully.

It’s not just delivery jobs. Several workers are suffering from the tyranny of the platform. The platform endlessly tries to expand its territory. It has a tendency to eat up every corner, even in the alleyways. In last year’s national audit, there were many voices criticizing the monopoly of platform companies. Even the word ‘platform national inspectorate’ came out. However, the National Assembly did not take any action to practically solve the problem. Rather, they are trying to enact the ‘Platform Workers Act’ that can restrict the basic labor rights of platform workers.

In this regard, platform workers (delivery/agent/taxi workers, webtoon writers) and civic and social groups with a sense of problem gathered. Several meetings were held, starting with an emergency meeting. A lot of discussion took place. I also trained twice. It was to get to know each other’s work. On the 25th, ‘Finding Platform Labor Hope’ held a launch discussion and announced the 20th presidential election and the demands of the parties by job type. We plan to focus on raising our voices before and after the election. I hope that it will be a good opportunity for platform workers to unite.

Below are the top five demands from the inauguration discussion.

“One. Rights to platform workers! User Responsibility to Platform Enterprises! 2. Guarantee a living wage for platform workers such as safe fare system, safe transportation fee, and standard unit price! 3. Explain the algorithm to platform workers and negotiate! 4. Apply social safety net and social insurance to platform workers! 5. Guarantee platform workers the right to work safely without dying and without being injured!”

Standing Activist at Korea Contingent Labor Center ([email protected])

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