Peruvian Navy on Repsol’s second oil spill: “It would be the same hydrocarbon”

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Yesterday, the news spread on social media that a second spill had happened at the La Pampilla 2 refinery. But nevertheless, the Navy, through the Directorate of Captaincies and Coast Guards of Peru, issued a statement ruling out this possibility and indicated that they will continue with the monitoring work in the affected area.

On January 25 they shared through their social networks the statement, where they report that they had made an account of what seemed to be “an oily stain in the vicinity of Terminal Multibuoys No. 2” of the La Pampilla refinery.

Thus, they indicated that they have communicated with the company Repsol so that they explain the fact.

“After making inquiries about this fact to the Repsol company, they reported that said stain would be oily residues of the same hydrocarbon, which would have been filtered despite having carried out the work to remove the crude, prior to the execution of the inspection and repair in the PLEN (platform that joins the transmission pipe of the terminal with discharge pipes to the sleeves of the ship) “, the document reads.

This means that the Navy received information that the slick was part of the original oil spill. This would have leaked at the time of cleaning, according to the responsible company.

Likewise, they communicated to the public opinion that the staff of the Captaincy of Puerto del Callao is “verifying the magnitude of the event and drawing up the corresponding record of verification”. This with the purpose of activating the Local Contingency Plan to continue supervising the mitigation works in the terminal.

Finally, the institution “reaffirms its commitment to continue inspecting the affected areas, in order to carry out the corresponding actions”, concludes the statement.

|  Photo: @MGP_DICAPI (Twitter)
| Photo: @MGP_DICAPI (Twitter)


The Agency for Environmental Assessment and Enforcement (Oefa) also made a statement today, January 26, about the oily stain that was observed in the sea. As detailed, they also mentioned that it was due to leaked oil during the cleaning process. In this case, they did call it a new spill.

“Osinergmin reported that the spill had occurred on January 25 when work was being carried out prior to the removal of the PLEM (Pipeline End Manifolds), which is an underwater collection and distribution equipment that allows the passage of hydrocarbons for reception or dispatch”, reads the statement.

“This withdrawal is necessary to determine the cause of the spill that occurred on January 15 of the present”, Add.

|  Photo: OEFAperu
| Photo: OEFAperu

Also, the entity said that They will be carrying out an environmental supervision to verify responsibility for the events and the impact generated.


Yesterday, January 25, the Minister of the Environment, Rubén Ramírez, was together with the President Pedro Castillo toured this morning the areas of the beaches of Ancón to verify the decontamination work after the oil spill in the Ventanilla Sea caused by the Repsol company.

The minister reported that the public prosecutor has initiated legal actions against Repsol for both environmental damage and social and moral damage to Peruvians.

“Today a work module is fulfilled that must be delivered, otherwise, you will be fined”, expressed before the press.

He also said that on the same day the term that the Repsol company has to present the first administrative measure issued by the Environmental Assessment and Enforcement Agency (OEFA), after the spill of 6,000 barrels of oil.

It should be noted that this spill has already caused, up to now, the contamination of 21 beaches of the Peruvian coast and they cannot be used by bathers, as explained by Diresa.

Ramírez also pointed out that, after these damages, he had a short conversation with the captain of the ship carrying the oil. This would have indicated that he has evidence, which he will make available to the investigations. “Apparently there is negligence of the company”, pointed out the head of the Minam.


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