Pedro Castillo on CNN: “The Constitution must be in accordance with the new times”

Pedro Castillo gave an interview to CNN in Spanish. | Photo: CNN

This Tuesday, the second part from exclusive interview that peter castle held with the international chain Cnn in Spanish. On this occasion, one of the topics discussed was the Constituent Assembly and the possibility of generating a new Constitution.

The Mexican journalist Fernando del Rincon he asked the presidentWhat aspects of the 1993 Constitution do you want to change?”

Castillo’s first argument was to say that “the time has changed” for a Constitution made in 1993

In accordance with the new times and the new societies, their Constitution must also be“, He said.

Regarding the changes that he would make in the Magna Carta, he pointed out: “That the men from below be given space, that the native communities be included, to give them water, to give them light, to give them a telephone, to give them virtuality, so that they are no longer poor, for true decentralization”.


However, he acknowledged having been elected by the current Constitution and, therefore, He assured that he would respect its regulations.

I have been elected with this Constitution. I will not break the current regulations for which I have been appointed. We believe that this (the change in the Constitution) should be done within the framework of the most democratic and viable way”, he added.


A controversial statement by the president was to affirm that, according to the current Constitution, “el water, health and education” are services and not rights.

They are considered as services in the Constitution. Health is a right. Why should a person who is in Purús, in Caballococha, be discriminated against? Don’t they have the same right to be educated with the people who are in the big cities?“, He said.


The president emphasized that he is not owed “to be afraid of the popular will” when seeking a Constituent Assembly. SHowever, the interviewer indicated that the fear is that a change will be made to be re-elected, as Hugo Chávez did in Venezuela.

I swore out on July 28, 2026. Here it would be lethal for a teacher to give those samples to the teaching profession, to my parents, my family and my children. Why are we afraid? Why not go hand in hand with the peasant, with the teacher, with the worker?”, expressed the president.

Pedro Castillo on CNN: “The Constitution must be in accordance with the new times”


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