Pedro Castillo LIVE talks about foreign policy in the second part of the interview for CNN

This Tuesday will air the second part from exclusive interview that peter castle held with the international chain Cnn in Spanish. The Mexican Fernando del Rincon He is the journalist in charge of the meeting as host of the program ‘Conclusions’. Let us remember that this is the third interview that the president offers in a week, after a long silence since he was a candidate in the first half of last year.

It is estimated that this part will deal more with the issue of foreign policy. In a preview released by CNN, it can be seen that Castillo is consulted on who he recognizes as the ruler of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro or Juan Guaidó.


22:16 In the next block, Castillo will talk about the possibility of giving Bolivia access to the sea.

22:15 “What are you afraid of? I am going to leave on July 28, 2026. It would be lethal for a teacher to give those samples to my parents, my family and my children. Why not go hand in hand with the peasant, with the worker”.

22:13 About the Constituent Assembly. “Since 1993 times have changed, according to the times and the new societies. That the native communities be included, so that they are not poorer. To see true decentralization. I have been elected with this Constitution and I am not going to break the law or regulations by which I have been appointed. Any change must be made in the most democratic way”, He said.

22:11 Castillo denies the alleged removal of Daniel Soria, Attorney General, by the Minister of Justice, Aníbal Torres.

22:09 Castillo assures that Karelim López was never invited to Breña.

22:08 Castillo admits that he received Karelim López at the Government Palace. I received not to do any favoritism. never talked [de negocios] but to review lot 5 and lot 1 in Piura. “I wouldn’t have to do it,” Castillo said.

22:06 The question begins by asking about the complaints filed with the Prosecutor’s Office for the alleged crime of influence peddling. “It is not an obstruction of justice at all. He who owes nothing, fears nothing,” Castillo replies.


Last Monday, a first cut of the conversation with the president was broadcast where different topics related to the irregularities of his government, the irregular appointments, the children’s party of the president’s daughter in the Government Palace, and the “secret” meetings were addressed. ‘ at Breña’s house. In several passages of the interview, Del Rincón managed to put Castillo in check, who showed inconsistencies in their responses.

In addition, as in the two previous interviews, he pointed out that no one had prepared him to be president of the Republic, with which he was trying to distance himself from traditional politicians. However, this earned several criticisms of the president, as well as some memes. Let us remember that after the interview, in a public act, Castillo commented: “In the morning today [lunes] I have had an interview. More than an interview, I was surprised by some questions that I was asked that had nothing important for the country: that Bruno Pacheco, that Sarratea… We have things very clear here. We have not come here to steal a penny from the country”.


The interview with Pedro Castillo can be seen this Tuesday, January 25 at 10 pm (Peruvian time). Other hours:

Argentina 00:00 hours

Bolivia 23:00 hours

Chile 00:00 hours

Ecuador 22:00 hours

Spain 04:00 hours

Mexico 2:00 hours.

CNN en Español can be tuned into the following channels:

Movistar TV: Channel 542

Claro TV: Channel 51

Star Globalcom: Canal 96


In statements to Cnn in Spanish, President Castillo stated that business-related matters were never discussed at the address located in the district of Breña and he stressed that all these issues are investigated by the corresponding entities. “It was never a clandestine office and nor will it be; I want to greet the family that sheltered me in the campaign, there is only the house that sheltered me”, said the Head of State, after mentioning that he will not repeat the actions of other rulers and that he always seeks to be clear in his actions.

He also denied that Karelim López had visited him in this place and added that the material shown in a journalistic investigation would be edited; He also expressed his confidence that the truth will come to light.

At another time, he said that he was confident that he would finish his mandate and stressed that he would not fall into acts of corruption, since the citizens gave him their trust and brought him to power, for which he assured that he would not touch a penny of the people’s resources. “I’m here to stand up for the country and I’m not going to steal a penny”President Castillo emphasized when asked about some questioned former ministers and former public officials who are being investigated for the alleged commission of corruption crimes.

Regarding the people who are linked to the Shining Path and who would now be seeking a rapprochement with the Government, he was emphatic in mentioning that he had always fought as a patrolman against terrorism and now as President of the Republic he will continue to battle against this scourge that does so much damage to the country.


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