“Partygate” affair: Prime Minister Johnson refuses to resign

As of: 01/26/2022 3:07 p.m

Despite police investigations and internal investigations into lockdown parties at the official residence, British Prime Minister Johnson does not want to resign. The internal report on the affair, which may be presented later today, is eagerly awaited.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not want to resign because of the affair about lockdown parties at his official residence in the corona pandemic. The head of government said this during Question Time in Parliament after a request from opposition leader Keir Starmer from the Labor Party.

Johnson said he could not comment on the matter because of the ongoing investigation. But: “I don’t deny that a lot of people want me out of the way for all sorts of reasons.”

The prime minister is under massive pressure because of alleged lockdown parties at the Downing Street office – at which state corona contact restrictions are said to have been violated. The police in London had previously announced that they would investigate the alleged lockdown violations.

investigation report awaited

An internal report from top official Sue Gray is eagerly awaited. The investigation report, for which Gray has collected evidence and interviewed witnesses for weeks, is to be presented to the public later in the day, as reported by the BBC and the Financial Times, among others. However, it cannot be ruled out that this moment of truth will be delayed again.

However, the officer Gray, who is considered incorruptible and uncompromising, is said to want to present her results as soon as possible. If the report finally suggests that corona rules were broken at the official headquarters, a vote of no confidence by the conservative faction about the prime minister remaining in office is likely.

struggle for political survival

Several Christmas parties, a birthday round, a garden party and late-night drinking before Prince Philip’s funeral: the list of allegedly illegal gatherings in Downing Street has become long. About half a dozen Tory MPs have already publicly called for the Prime Minister’s resignation. Many others said they wanted to await the report.

Johnson himself should first get the report and then have to present it to the public a few hours later, as the broadcaster ITV reported. Johnson is expected to issue another profuse apology and announce sweeping reform of Downing Street’s drinking culture – determined to save his political survival.

If at least 15 percent of Conservative MPs – that’s 54 MPs – no longer trust Johnson, the prime minister must face a vote.


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